Halifax’s casino opened in summer 1995, in a temporary location inside the Sheraton. 165,000 for the Hilton, according to a report from Cooper & Lybrand consultants. These were serious numbers — respective increases of about 40% and 15% in tourism. The Hilton’s estimate seems more realistic — tourism can fluctuate by about 10% year-to-year. But Grand anticipated spending $10 million yearly on advertising, or double Nova Scotia’s tourism marketing spend at the time. In 1992, Minnesota-based Grand Casinos proposed a massive $105 million, 359-acre resort in Ragged Lake Industrial Park, including a 160,000-square-foot casino, an 18-hole golf course and a 40-acre RV park. That’s why Carrigan warns against comparing his original vision to what we have now. If you want international tourists, you’ve got to go big to attract them.

Just pensioners dumping their munch needed pension money. The overall effect on our community has been devastating with the Casino leaving nothing but shuttered businesses and a broken people. Any money garnered leaves the local area in taxes back to the provincial government or the Great Canadian Gaming Co. back to BC. What little is left is paid in meager wages to the hard working staff. A sad sad gamble for something that wasn’t wanted or needed in the first place. The province originally intended to take over the casinos at some point and run them itself, but it never exercised that option. If the provincial government ran the casinos it would be able to keep all revenue, plus monitor expenses more closely, and use its purchasing power and economies of scale to find cost-saving efficiencies. Because both NSGC and current casino operator Great Canadian Gaming Corporation refused interviews for this story, I couldn’t ask about junkets. But I did speak with a casino consultant who has extensive experience in the Canadian industry, and who would only agree to be quoted anonymously, because of their ongoing work in the field.

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Less than 5 minutes’ walk from Casino Nova Scotia, this nonsmoking hotel is located in downtown Halifax. MacKinnon said some criteria for scoring potential new locations involved ease of access by car or other transportation, an available building and the cost of the space. The casino has struggled with declining revenues for a decade and COVID-19 kept it closed for most of a year. Apart from weddings, Casino Nova Scotia provides services such as ceremony, elopements, reception and engagement party. Intense ventilation was necessary because the casino allows smoking in most of its areas.