Parlez-nous d’amour , based on a script by Michel Tremblay, is a vitriolic critique of populist television. From Terreur à l’hôpital central, Jean-Claude Lord gave mostly standardized productions, except for La Grenouille et la Baleine , one of producer Rock Demers’ Contes pour tous. On November 1, 2017, he received the Guy-Mauffette Award, one of the 14 Quebec Awards. They began opening on Christmas because some patrons had no where else to be; when a regular passes away, they affix an obituary on a board at the back. “My father would always say, ‘treat your customer like your grandmother,” says Mr. Johnstone. Respect her.’ And we’ve always gone by that motto, and it’s done well for us.” He attributes the success they have had over the years to genuinely liking his customers. “And can frustrate the hell out of you some days.” Still, he considers the odds to be better than at a racetrack, the lottery or a casino. For many it’s the thrill of the chase, the tantalizing prospect of winning big money with lady luck on your side. Some do it expressly to pad their wallets or supplement their income. Others, in the twilight of their years and alone, to pass the time. An employee passes by with a cart full of miniature cards that cost $1. Later, Ms. Warner will come breathlessly close to winning $200 with one of them. The inference in the post was that unless you’ve tried E5 (“cleaned something”), or D5 (“laughed”), or A4 (“got stuff done”) you haven’t actually tried to take care of yourself. More supports, smaller wait times, and free access to counsellors or psychologists are all within reach. “I think the overwhelming majority of British Columbians are following the rules and tired of those rules at the same time,” said Health Minister Adrian Dix last week. Check your horoscope to learn how the stars align for you today. Renn and Smith cut to the bittersweet heart of the fast-paced, two-hour comedy. Ditzy Bitsy doesn’t have a clue that everybody knows a secret she’s desperate to keep, but she eventually reveals she’s wise about the deeper mysteries of life. Atherton has a relatively thankless role as bully Dookie, bravely displaying all of the smarm and none of the charm of his best-known TV characters. Moloney is a knockout as Heffer, brash and defiant until he spills his guts about a humiliating secret that exposes a painfully raw wound. And Stephenson Kerr gives a hilariously muscular performance as the quirky, uncompromising Boots. Temporarily disconnected from adult concerns, they become childlike again, playful and careless and excruciatingly vulnerable. Now staring at 50 and convinced their best years are behind them, they cling to the past like shipwreck survivors grabbing at a lifeline. Alpha male Doug “Dookie” Duke , a Halifax realtor, and nerd Paul “Nurk” Kenney , a Calgary-based engineer, are the returning sons. They are on the casino list but that might change, and he has heard they are looking at going from a two-day casino to a single day to catch up. “I can’t see the hall rentals or the breakfasts returning until we have a vaccine,” said Decore. “Had it gone on longer I think we might have had to consider closing up shop, because not only did we lose the bingo revenue we lost our rental revenue,” said Campbell. Lorel’s dramatic panic to keep up with the caller made me snort. Mom and I picked up Nancy on the side of the Britt Road on Thursday night. I had hoped to buy some new magazines and rent movies with my winnings. At the front of the room, the bingo caller, a man in his late thirties with black hair and dark sunglasses, switches on the bingo machine and turns the crank to spin the balls. When I look into the faces and eyes of the people here, I see something familiar. I see pieces of mom, Uncle Bruce, Aunt Pat, Aunt Estelle, and my brother looking back at me. It isn’t until 2010 I understand about my Métis heritage and I finally know why I have this attraction to the beautiful people with the deep brown eyes. Once he was discharged from the hospital, Auger traveled back home and began trapping again. However, his long light with tuberculosis took some of the life out of him. “I wasn’t the trapper I used to be.” Today he has a different frustrations, he says, adding that trapping is not worth it anymore. “I spent a long time taking care of the nurse,” he says with a laugh and then adds solemnly, “I took a long time to heal.” Welcome to AMMSA.COM, the news archive website for our family of Indigenous news publications. If you are searching by postal code, please ensure you are using the correct school postal code.

For the most part, she said after a long period of lockdown people are happy to get out for an evening of bingo. They have a couple of jackpots that build every week and have gotten up to over $600. Capital projects continued, with the league relying on casino revenue and grant funding. The hall was upgraded again in 2005, highlighted by new flooring, bathrooms and kitchen. The long-awaited rink/tennis shack was converted to a clubhouse in 2007, in time for the winter season. The tennis club also resurfaced the four outdoor tennis courts in 2007. Throwing a nursery rhyme baby shower can be a fanciful affair that brings back sweet memories of cats in hats and where cows can jump over the moon. The purposes of the annual Poppy Campaign in November are to promote Remembrance and to support Veterans and their dependants by both direct and indirect means. Direct support, for example, includes wheelchairs and emergency financial assistance. It is important to note that all Poppy donations are held in a trust fund, and that disbursements must adhere to strict, nationally approved, governing regulations. In the case of the Charlottetown Legion, disbursements average about $25,000 annually, with the vast majority of funds being allocated for purposes that benefit the whole Island community in some way. In July, many people from the lake attended the Fireworks on Friday evening, and on Saturday the pancake breakfast and the Parade that was organized and Sponsored by the Oak Lake Agricultural Society. These volunteers have faced a huge battle to put on these events with in the Covid Regulations. Have students practice telling time in quarter-hour increments and match time to clock faces. The unique, 6-way format adapts to a variety of skill levels, and is a fun learning supplement for small groups or the entire class. Also ideal for learners with disabilities and anyone learning English. The set includes 36 playing cards, 264 chips, caller’s mat and cards, and a sturdy storage box. Welcome to a fun evening of Bingo and other social games. This is a weekly drop-in program for youth and adults with special needs. Register for 10 sessions or pay the weekly drop-in fee. Capilano Community League was very proud to reach its 50-year milestone. Operating the league has taken a lot of work from many different people, sometimes without thanks. Seeing so many children attend its 50-year party and the fun they had made the league realize that its efforts have been worthwhile. The league is vital to the spirit and well-being of the community. As well as being a great social gathering, bingo continues to be a vital component of Legion revenue. Bingo is held every Sunday and Monday evening at 7PM year-round. The Charlottetown Legion is looking for ways to improve the experience for those who attend bingo. WEYBURN – The Wheatland Seniors Centre is busy with a number of activities, including plans for the month-end supper coming up on Friday, Sept. 24, a casino bus, bingo, and games each week. Other famous Whistler bands include Red Chair, Ruckus Deluxe, and Pat & Eric. At the Dubh Linn Gate, Ruckus deluxe and Pat & Eric rotate daily for your listening pleasure. Seven days a week during aprés and again at 9 PM, enjoy timeless tunes and Celtic classics. Another classic Whistler band is Red Chair; you’ll find them either Friday night at Tapleys Bar. So grab dinner and a drink, and enjoy the musical magic starting Friday at 9 PM. Whistler is the perfect setting to pull out all your rusty dance moves; why not shake it to some of your favourite jams. Grab your most intelligent group of pals and head out to Tapley’s on Wednesdays to try your luck at Quizzical night. There’s a chance to win big, but you’ve got to bring your A-game.

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Even though Aunt Pat lived here when Britt didn’t have electricity and she grew up being chased by Wally and Uncle Bruce with snakes, Aunt Pat lives in Toronto now. Mom, Aunt Estelle, Nancy, and I put her name in the bowl for Queen. Each set has activities that challenge developing skills in both language arts and math topics. Teaching and practicing new rhythms ” Disappearing flashcards ” Which flashcard did I clap? By far, this is the largest Bingo event ever held in Canada. With more than a dozen Delta Bingo & Gaming Centres participating, “Golden Ticket” holders from throughout Ontario had the chance to be a part of Bingo History. Delta Downsview Sponsors Association also lost a long-time member of their team, Sharon Wilson. Sharon passed on December 23, 2017, after a brief illness, with her long-term partner, Joe “Gib” Gibson by her side. Sharon took care of the books for Delta Downsview beautifully for years. Sharon aslo helped other Bingo Centres in and around the GTA, for decades. They are lovely little beasts and will continue to be loved and cared for by Gib. On December 9, 2017, Mr. Hugh Storey passed after a brief illness. Hugh was the long-time husband of Pat, whom we work with for The Bingo Connection. On January 21st, we were invited to attend a “Celebration Of Life” for Hughie. Pat, her sons, their daughters and grand-daughter were surrounded by family, including friends from Bingo Connection, like Leonard Parente. The Bingo Connection Staff, Sponsors and the Association were well respresented. So many raised a pint of Coors Light, Hugh’s favourite, in his honour and in his memory. And the sound level, from the many stories and conversations going on, was amazing. Gregg Meropoulis took over as president, a position he would hold for 20 years. Casino revenue was now part of the league’s financial equation which, along with bingo and grant revenue, provided the foundation for many capital projects. Capilano Community League and the elementary school jointly celebrated their 25th anniversaries in 1983. An Old Fashioned Family Picnic started the round of revelries in September. A ‘Just Look At Us Now’ open house and a banquet and dance followed in November. To combat sole reliance on children’s programs, four tennis courts were built in 1976. The Capilano Tennis Club was a going concern by 1977, with 500 members from the communities of Capilano, Fulton Place and Gold Bar. Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus jogs off the field at halftime of an NFL preseason football game between the Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022, in Chicago. Mahomes had no trouble playing on a chopped-up field that drew heavy criticism from the president of the NFL Players Association. He also picked apart a defense missing its two best players, with linebacker Roquan Smith in a contract standoff and the Bears holding out star pass rusher Robert Quinn. Pat had a love for his cottage in Algonquin Park where he spent most of his younger life growing up and which will eventually become his final resting place.

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Despite this loyal following, Toronto’s bingo scene has been in sharp decline over the last decade. Once home to 27 halls, now there are six, four on the brink of closure, according to Cameron Johnstone, owner of this Delta Bingo at St. Clair and Weston and another in Downsview. There are a stack of bingo sheets in front of her and an electronic terminal on which she tracks her progress. She pulls green and red dabbers out of a black lunchbox the hall gave her as a birthday present. All you need to do is print off this card and start ticking things off as they happen. The first person to get a line – diagonal, across or down – WINS! While we have no prize other than a pat on the back for a job well done, you still get to feel the superiority of winning. One thing I think helped to hasten their demise is that players were no longer allowed to smoke inside the Bingo Halls. I remember working at one (I belonged to a non-profit society that got proceeds from the Bingo) and the hall was so full of smoke you could hardly see! The true solution to all of this is to treat mental health like regular health and cover everything equally under the larger healthcare system. “I love how ‘talk to a counselor/therapist’ isn’t on here because they actually know that most people can’t afford to, and they don’t really care,” wrote another.

Virtual Black Tie Bingo nets more than $200K for Guelph General Hospital

If you’re looking for a quieter night, head to the Pangea Pod for your favourite selection of board games. Whether you’re a two-player or more, Uno, Catan, Monopoly, Life, and more classic games are available for you to use. Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. Comments may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. We have enabled email notifications—you will now receive an email if you receive a reply to your comment, there is an update to a comment thread you follow or if a user you follow comments. Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. The Great Debate is happening today in the atrium of the Nest from 4 p.m. While this is a great moment to participate in the magic of student democracy, it is also a time to compete in our campus-wide bingo challenge. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any public bingo places in Victoria any more. It may still be offered at individual local community halls and events but that’s about it. The first was a major renovation of the community hall, funded by casino and grants. The entry was changed, and an upstairs bathroom was added, as well as a revamped kitchen and deck. Picture windows were added later to unveil a spectacular view of Edmonton’s river valley. Alderwoman Bettie Hewes and Doug Tupper officiated at a sod-turning ceremony at the school in 1979. When the playground was complete in June of 1981, special equipment included wheelchair rockers, a metre wide slide and wheelchair sand-boxes. Standard equipment included monkey bars and teeter-totters, tire swings and an all-weather covered games area. The league built a unique playground with Capilano Elementary School in 1979. It was planned with the needs of all children in mind, including the handicapped, by City Designers Bryce Card and Dan Wilson. They incorporated the best of modern playground design into the project by reviewing the entries of a New York City design competition. An extensive renovation of facilities was undertaken in 1978 at a cost of $150,000, with contributions of $66,500 from the province and $13,000 from the city. Over $70,000 was raised by Capilano itself through lucrative bingos and a casino that netted $75,000. A baby gender reveal is a whole event with these creative and fun reveal ideas and games. Having a nursery rhyme inspired menu is a sure way to wow your guests. This could be the most fun part in planning your shower. Think back to all those nursery rhymes that had food in them like Peter Peter Pumpkin eater or Pat-a-Cake Pat-a-cake and make dishes to signify the the rhymes. Download and cut out some nursery rhyme pictures and paste them around the room. If you can afford to, order or make a special nursery rhyme theme diaper cake and use it as the table centerpiece and as a lovely gift to the expectant mother. Mahomes was 6 of 7 passing on a 72-yard drive after Chicago went three-and-out on the game’s first possession. The completions were to six different receivers, which could be more of the norm after the Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill to Miami. Mahomes dumped the ball off to Blake Bell for a 5-yard TD, capping an 11-play possession — then called it a day. Pat made an impact on many lives through music and was a member of the Ghost Town Cryers. He played at many fundraisers, weddings and Wednesday night jam sessions. Select event support on your online application form if you would like to volunteer at these events. Volunteers can play a part in ending the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting vaccination clinics for the public.

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Most people are still hanging in there, despite a year of restrictions on who we can see and what we can do that has left many of us isolated, lonely and struggling with our mental health. When Bitsy suggests they give up and go home, Boots snaps, “We’re not even drunk yet!” But that situation is quickly remedied after the improbably nicknamed quintet connect. Achingly nostalgic, funny and wise, celebrated Nova Scotian playwright Daniel MacIvor’s comedyBingo! Hit the jackpot at Winnipeg’s Prairie Theatre Exchange on opening night (Oct. 13.). When Bingo appears, she is annoyed at first, but then includes him in her game. Two summers later, the postmaster told dad that bingo had moved from the Britt Legion. She donated it to the church or bought clothes for her nieces and nephews. She bought my mom a new winter coat and Uncle Bruce his first suit. Aunt Pat, Aunt Estelle, Nancy, mom, and I arrive early. To attempt to filter the air, a ‘smog hog’ hangs in each corner from the ceiling, but the smoke still buries deep into my clothes, my hair, my skin. Dart boards and pictures of past Legion executives and veterans line the walls.

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Although the play features six actors, there were more than six of us at Girls’ Week. The six characters are representations of all of us in many ways. I remember sitting on the porch during our Girls’ Weeks and noticing the strength of the women, their compassion, intelligence, humour, and value of family above all else. In the 20+ years of Girls’ Week there was never any conflict. We were lucky to have such a perfect week together each year. Retired from trapping now, he laughs when he says he has traded in his 303 rifle for a bingo card. At a recent talent show in Slave Lake Auger showed up with his fiddle and although, “this time” he didn’t win, he says it doesn’t bother him. City life did not agree with him, but then his view of the city was from a hospital bed. With roots in Trout Lake — an isolated community some 250 km north of Slave Lake — the ever smiling trapper says he has lived for the past 20 years in Wabasca. “But I do not belong to the Bigstone Band,” he quietly explains. 1 or more items in your card are signed under the ‘School Market Right’ act. Tell us the school, daycare, or home school where you currently work. Dog Bingobrings a fun and educational twist to the traditional game as players learn the names and colorings of both their favorite breeds and weird and wonderful exotic dogs. Every family deserves a safe, decent place to call home, and your support can help change their lives. If building isn’t your thing, volunteer for one of our events or at our offices. For more control of your online game, create a clone of this card first. Building for the future has long been a priority at Capilano Community League. The first clubhouse and rink were erected by volunteer labour in 1959. Two years later a two-storey addition was in place, allowing for a craft area and further dressing rooms. You can even have a little contest for guests to tell you which nursery rhyme inspired what dish and ask persons to guess for a little extra treat. “I have a couple charities I’d like to support, and I will treat myself to a big family get together when the pandemic is over. I miss them so much.” Patrick Sheehan, of Nepean, says he has been playing the lottery for decades, but had to asked his wife of 67 years to double-check his ticket. Help promote nutrition to pre-natal and new mothers and their children. Current vacancies will be discussed during your volunteer interview.

Visit the apply to volunteer page for details about our application process. Translation on this website is carried out by Google Translate, a third-party provider. Please note that accuracy, page structure and accessibility may vary across languages. The Region of Peel is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate translations and will not be held responsible for any damage or issues that may result from using the translator. But it was the years spent at their cottage on West Arm Lake Nipissing that unleashed her true passion—fishing! Right up until the summer of 2021, she proved to her family that she could still reel in “the big ones”. The Beach, Park and Playground areas are being well used, the flowers are lovely, and the grass is greener after the lovely rain this week. The ways and means committees main function is to raise funds to assist community organizations in their endeavours. Adoring and doting nanny to Logan, Cameron, Brayden, Landon, Nolan, Alexander and Amaya. Julie absolutely treasured and lived for her children and grandchildren. So important to her was that they had their favourite meals and treats when visiting! Ice cream and Quality Street chocolates were always on hand. We smile remembering how she would sing at the top of her lungs, a most recent favourite being ‘Sugar, Sugar’ by The Archies. Julie Carbonneau passed away peacefully, with the loving presence of her family, on the morning of Sunday May 15, 2022 at the Halifax Infirmary.

He also said that the new location is on a bus route and offers easy access from Great Northern Road, so more bingo enthusiasts are likely to attend. Reid said the new location will offer significantly lower overhead costs and therefore more likelihood that the charities will see some money from it. Ward 4 Councillor Lou Turco asked Reid what moving to the new location would change for the troubled fundraising association. “They posted it on the bulletin board but many people are away at camp and won’t have a chance to look at it,” said Orchard. Last night, councillors rezoned the Old Davey Home on Great Northern Road for two years, to allow the now homeless Greenbelt Charity Association to relaunch its operations at that location. City Council has agreed to let the Greenbelt Bingo Association have a go at a new life in a new location, but just temporarily. There is also regular staff always on hand to help and train groups who volunteer at the hall. “There’s a lot of different aspects to bingo nowadays,” Gaston said. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Niagara Falls, for example, charitable gaming revenue allows the organization to match nine children with a Big Brother or a Big Sister each year. Delta Bingo & Gaming Centre on Drummond Road in Niagara Falls recently announced 92 local organizations have benefited from more than $5 million in charitable gaming revenue over the past five years. Or wander underground to the movie theatre to see some of the top films out today. Grab the butteriest bag of popcorn and fuzzy peaches to avoid the hubbub of the village stroll. Finally, top off your dream vacation with a spot at the Scandinave Spa. Relax and rejoice in the hot and cool pools; they will relieve you after your adventurous activities. The website Provides information on death notices published in Canada by various funeral homes.. Posted in Canada, Death notice, obituary, Ontario, Windsor, windsor chapel and tagged Love, Oliver, Richard, Tecumseh, Windsor. And Hospice for the care and compassion extended to our family. The Sydenham Current is an online newspaper serving the communities of Wallaceburg, Dresden, Walpole Island, Mitchell’s Bay, Chatham-Kent & St. Clair Township. Jean-Claude Lord, born June 6, 1943 in Montreal and died January 15, 2022, is a Quebec director, screenwriter, editor and producer. Before becoming a prominent director, he became known mainly as a television columnist from 1969 to 1972, notably on CFTM-TV’s Bon Dimanche (Télé-métropole). He created his production company Jean-Claude Lord inc. in 1971. His first screenplays dealt with controversial aspects of Quebec society. Bingo questions the political action of young Quebecers and the corruption of the police.

  • Following the 25th anniversary of Capilano Community League, new members and executive were solicited.
  • Assemble packages for the program with the main goal to prevent the spread of HIV and Hepatitis B and C among drug users and self-piercers.
  • Aunt Pat, Aunt Estelle, Nancy, mom, and I arrive early.
  • George Irwin is surrounded by a very small part of Christmas ’80 edition of the multi-million-dollar annual toy and game bonanza.

Volunteers provide non-clinical support at various clinic locations in Peel. If you’re a people person and are ready to work in a fast-paced clinic environment, this may be the role for you. She lived all of her formative years there, and recently described her parents as a “God given gift to us all”. Right from the start she worked hard, and at seventeen she became a bricklayer’s helper at the Algoma Steel Plant. She married Albert Wierzbicki in 1944, and then settled in Sudbury where they started their family. Speaking of bingo, we are enjoying a great summer with crowds larger than usual and consequently the prizes are too. We invite you to come down on Thursday nights and give it a whirl. It is nice and cool inside and refreshments are available. Health care already accounts for more than 40 per cent of the B.C. Add in mental health and it would rise even more sharply. One reader used his graphical prowess to remake the bingo card with what he viewed as a more realistic representation of the options facing British Columbians during the pandemic. “Self-care can help manage some stress & anxiety during #CovidBC.

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Patricia Anne Roy of Lafleche, SK and formerly of Glentworth, SK passed away on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, at the age of 88 years. She was born on the farm in the Limerick district on June 9, 1932 to Charlie and Kay Free. In 1941, she moved with her parents and brother Ken to Melaval, SK. Here she graduated high school and then went onto Normal School earning her teaching certificate. They made their home on the farm in the Glentworth district until September 2009, when they moved to Lafleche, sadly Gilbert passed away on October 24, 2009. She was a member of the United Church, Legion Auxiliary, Senior Bowlers, and Senior’s Club in Glentworth. She enjoyed sewing, crocheting, knitting, painting, reading, gardening, puzzles, bingo, and scrabble which she often enjoyed playing against herself. Her favorite place to spend time was in her flower garden and the wide-open space of the prairie, especially on the back road. On March 16, 2021 Pat’s health forced her to relocate to Assiniboia to be closer to healthcare and family. Pat would like to leave this message to her family…It would take more pages than War and Peace to tell you what our family has meant to me. Aprés is a big part of the Whistler lifestyle; it allows us the time to catch up with friends and family after a great day on the mountain. Now that restrictions have changed, it’s time to get back in the groove. Multiple bars are bringing back local event nights and games for everyone to enjoy. Every Tuesday night at Tapleys Pub, try your luck at Bingo in the hopes of winning a brand new snowboard or skis. The 40th anniversary of the community league was celebrated in 1998 with a big party and activities for the kids. Throughout this time, movie nights, dances and Halloween parties were organized by various community league program coordinators and committees. Many of these are now annual community events, including the snowflake shaker in January. Hardisty Gymnastics was also born, providing a low cost and fun introduction to gymnastics for many area athletes. When the west-end location opened in Dec. 1996, 600 people would file through its doors any given Saturday. On really busy nights it was twice that, and the hall would set up tables in the parking lot to call games under the stars. Now, the 25,000-square-foot facility draws 300 to 400 customers on Saturdays. But neither are the real culprits, says Mr. Johnstone during a recent interview on the floor of Delta Bingo. We’re on the path to normal life after nearly two years since Covid-19 first spread through Whistler. It’s time to socialize and get back to evening après, something we’ve all been missing out on. From its inception, Capilano offered residents a varied program of activities. Courses in handicrafts, creative dancing and physical fitness were arranged for all ages; annual picnics and ball tournaments were staged at the elementary school. The first annual winter carnival was held in 1960, presided over by Queen Terrylu Gerlitz.

A teen club, headed up by President Michael Day, held dances and other socials starting in 1961. In the same year, the Ladies Auxiliary organized teas, fashion shows and a weekly bowling club. Pat Warner has $200 in her sights thanks to one of those little cards that cost her a loonie. The first time she played bingo she was in her twenties and she won $25. Later on in life, she would take her mother and two aunts to play every Tuesday night, and later still she and her late husband Bernard enjoyed gambling. Mom passes me her troll with the orange hair and tinfoil crown. Mom made it for Aunt Pat for Christmas last year as a joke to persuade her to join as at bingo. Aunt Pat said we should all share the bingo troll and it should live in mom’s bingo bag, and then she said she would be delighted to play bingo with us. In 1992, the Capilano playground was upgraded at a cost of $160,000. Patti Meropoulis led this initiative, and her brother Jeff Riddle was key in obtaining grants and forming committees to oversee surveys, planning and the volunteer force needed to install the equipment. Today the park remains a central meeting place for the community and the location of the summer green shack program. Shortly afterward, the tennis courts were resurfaced using a Calgary company owned by John Konihowski, an ex-Edmonton Eskimo. Planning and hosting a nursery rhyme baby shower is not difficult as long as you mix those funny riddles and stories intothe mix of the party it is a sure way to give guests some giggles. The family would like to thank all the many caregivers who helped her over the years, whether in her apartment or at the hospital. We also know that they would have experienced Mary herself graciously thanking them for every deed and kindness. A special thank you also goes out to her loving neighbours and friends who kept her company with nightly visits and regular card games. These ongoing efforts to keep her in their lives made her wish to live independently possible; and that was her dream come true. She sang country tunes, yodeled with ease, and played the guitar at “get-togethers” as she loved to call them. She enjoyed Bingo, lottery tickets and casinos—hoping to share her winnings with her family. She hosted countless gatherings for friends and family, always with plenty of food for all. She was the kind of person who made everyone feel comfortable and welcome at any given time.

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Day holiday pancake breakfast has been held and I’m sure it will have been successful. We are always grateful to all, especially Wilma Mackinnon, who worked so hard to make it a go. We are also grateful to all of you who came out to support us. As I have mentioned before, the activity centre does not receive any grants so we do rely on memberships, rentals and income from these breakfast and bingo activities to keep going. It’s time to sit back and enjoy a little more normality in your life. Treat yourself to a night out on the town with friends and family. Laugh, play games, drink, and take a break from regular life. On November 19, 2021, Habitat’s Women Build held the 2nd Annual Handbag Bingo at the Norberry-Glenlee Community Centre. The VIP tables were treated to concierge service, lite bites and bubbly. There were many happy smiles from our bingo game winners who won beautiful designer brand purses by Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Coach and more. Over $8,500 was raised for the Women Build sponsored home that will be purchased by Gemina for herself and her daughter Jancis. A huge thank you to the volunteer Women Build committee for making this event so special and to all the attendees for making it so successful! Capilano Community League celebrated its 50th year anniversary in style on September 6th, 2008, at an event planned by Paula Horn, Jeff Wilson, Lori Balch, Tammy Tchir, Deb Rayment and Lynn Gregory. After a wet morning, the skies cleared in time for the afternoon. A tree planting ceremony with saplings to take home capped a beautiful afternoon. The attention turned to adults at an evening pub night with live music, dancing and a BBQ supper. To finish off the invitation, just add a baby shower rhyme. If you don’t want to make your own then you can have your local printery shop design some cute ones for you. If the expecting mom is considering a nursery rhyme themed nursery for the baby then consider throwing her a nursery rhyme baby themed baby shower or just throw her one anyway for the fun of it. Well, it is hard to believe that this is the second week of August. It did not seem long ago that the summer visitors started arriving to enjoy the lake experience. The automated number and speed machine recorded 3389 vehicles coming in on PR 254, the north entrance on August long weekend. Some vehicles are driving up to and over 90 kms in a 40 km posted zone. There are lots of people biking and walking so please slow down. If you’re not interested in a boozy night, not to worry, there are many alternatives for you and your family and friends. Enjoy an evening exercise session by cross-country skiing around Lost Lake. Or head 20 minutes south of Whistler to the Callaghan Olympic Park; it has a variety of world-class trails for everyone to love, even your furry friends. Next, head to Whistler’s Escape Room for the best indoor activity. Challenge yourself and up to five others to use your puzzling skills to escape the themed room in under 45 minutes. She says typically they get between players out on a regular night. They are adhering to health precautions including social distancing and wearing a mask when you are moving about the hall.

  • The Great Debate is happening today in the atrium of the Nest from 4 p.m.
  • Pat, her sons, their daughters and grand-daughter were surrounded by family, including friends from Bingo Connection, like Leonard Parente.
  • Mom went to her first bingo with Aunt Blanche in Sudbury.
  • All you need to do is print off this card and start ticking things off as they happen.
  • After a wet morning, the skies cleared in time for the afternoon.

This program serves visitors and residents of the Region of Peel in Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon. Volunteers will only be notified of cardiac emergencies in their local vicinity. August seems to be vacation time when parents will pack up the family and go on a holiday. I am hoping to get Evergreen family group pictures this month, meeting with family or friends. Bingo is held every Thursday at 1 p.m., with slider cards available for 50 cents each. Bingo is held every Thursday at the Wheatland Centre, with slider cards available for 50 cents each. Become a sponsor for Cambridge Minor Softball and support youth in your area. “If we’re successful in our other endeavours we’ll be moving up to the corner of Great Northern Road and Third Line and developing on that vacant lot,” said Reid (shown in a file photo). “Two years will be plenty of time to show area residents that we won’t be interfering with their lives on a daily basis.” Delta offers traditional bingo as well as digital bingo, play-on-demand games and TapTix machines, which are a modernized version of the conventional break open ticket. “When we first started bingo for CF the median age of survival was 17, now it is 50 and beyond,” she said. “All of our bingo proceeds are used for CF research so we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to raise these funds, to ensure that our quest for a cure will one day be a reality.”

  • However, once the mountain closes for the day, it doesn’t mean the thrills have to end.
  • If you can afford to, order or make a special nursery rhyme theme diaper cake and use it as the table centerpiece and as a lovely gift to the expectant mother.
  • Later, Ms. Warner will come breathlessly close to winning $200 with one of them.
  • When the west-end location opened in Dec. 1996, 600 people would file through its doors any given Saturday.
  • Julie absolutely treasured and lived for her children and grandchildren.