Cruising is not meant to be “one-size fits all”, which is why cruise lines offer so many varieties of itineraries. This is the road less travelled, and because of that, itineraries from Florida start at ten days and go up to 20 days. Within the Western Caribbean are destinations such as Jamaica and Cozumel which are equipped with a wide range of eco-adventure activities. Inland activities such as hiking in the jungle and zip trekking are popular choices. Also plentiful are marine activity options, including Stingray City on Grand Cayman and the Blue Hole in Belize. In saying that, there are lots of destinations that cruisers can fit into a spacious ten-day itinerary. For something a bit different head to Dominica, or more specifically, head to Champaign Reef. This stunning bay, named Soufriere Bay was once a volcanic crater.

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Go play outside

“Caleb’s going to be happy to see Ben Franklin,” Missouri said. Caleb was Missouri’s son, and just Ben’s age, thirteen. He wondered what Mark was doing in Puerto Rico, and why his warning had come from there. It should have come from Washington or London or Omaha or Colorado Springs rather than San Juan. It was true that SAC had a big base, Ramey, in Puerto Rico, but–It was no use guessing. Of one thing he was certain, if Mark expected it to come, it would probably come. Randy sometimes allowed emotions to distort logic, Mark never did. Mark was capable of calculating odds, in war or poker, to the final decimal, which was why he was a Deputy Chief of Intelligence at SAC, and soon would have his star. So Randy’s fiasco had been inspired by that night, and now the night bore something worse.

Until very recent years guns had been an important part of living on the Timucuan. In the drawer of his bedside table was a .45 automatic and a .22 target pistol hung in a holster in his closet. You didn’t leave any money when you rushed off this morning, but I can always cash checks. EDGAR–tried to get you all morning but the phone is still out of order. Nevertheless, I am off to do the grocery shopping. I do think that henceforth I will shop on Tuesdays or Wednesdays instead of Saturdays. Methodically, he read through the last batch of mail. Also, from Detroit there was notice of a ten-percent stock dividend in automobile shares in his personal portfolio. He’d certainly got in on the ground floor of that one, he thought.