For instance no word was ever mentioned about going to college or trade school. Even UVIC was considered a party school and not good enough for those who graduated from my high school. There are so many paths out there and possibilities but when one is only given a narrow view on the world it will lead to problems for a lot of people who cannot fit that mold. I am honestly surprised there were not as many suicides or drug addictions in my school because of this. There are so many pressures put on young people by so many outside sources that it makes it difficult for people to actually realize who they really are and what is important in life. I do want to add that she probably didn’t move away because she never learned that that’s a possibility. She never learned to help herself, or that she even CAN help herself. It’s probably really hard for most people to understand — we all eventually grow up and mature — but she lived at home every single day for her whole entire life, under her very restricting parents. I think she never learned that she had the power to change her own life. I grew up in an environment without support, love and nurture. She didn’t trust people, so I wasn’t allowed to have many friends, spend time with them, or join extra school activities. People didn’t understand how painful life was and would judge me. I did poorly in school and suffered depression. When everything is so painful and negative in your life, all that you know and can talk about is the pain. People don’t take negativity well, so you end up just keeping it all inside. Even if you don’t wan to hide it, there isn’t anyone who wants to listen. This is true for the vast majority of immigrant parents, as best demonstrated by the fact that they immigrated at all. As you can tell from the story, Pan’s parents certainly didn’t leave a familiar country, where they knew the language and had friends and family, to go work hard labor jobs for their health. That’s not the behavior of people who just had their own interests at heart. I can only imagine what the rest of Mr. Pan’s and son’s lives will be like. They lost a wife/mother and a daughter/sister. The pain and sense of emptiness from a loss like this can be all encompassing and incomprehensible for those who have not experienced it. For an agonizing time, every waking hour of the day can be filled with grief, sadness, anger, betrayal, trauma, guilt and other related feelings. It is common to replay past events over and over to try and make sense of things. Over time, the intensity of these feelings and thoughts should diminish. But no one ever “gets over” the loss of a very close loved one when it happens unexpectedly and tragically as it did here. In certain communities, there is a lack of awareness of the value of long term grief counseling and support. My condolences to Mr. Pan and brother for your losses. I hope that you get the counseling and support that you both deserve. I think you could make a case about someone being pushed over the edge due to an external factor like family/school/life pressures. But if a person had to resort to ordering a hit to get their parents out of their life and take money through the inheritance, I feel that is not the same case. I don’t feel sympathy for a person that is clearly cold and calculating and a chronic liar like her. I do feel for the pressures she had to go through, but a lot of us, myself included had to go through something similar.

Welcome to the Barceló Playa Tambor in Costa Rica. I’m ringside with Calvin Ayre, the Saskatchewan-born online gambling tycoon perhaps best known for being the cover boy of Forbes’s Billionaire issue in March, 2006. Ayre, whose net worth at that time was estimated at slightly over $1 billion (U.S.), is the founder and CEO of Bodog Entertainment, one of the highest-profile and most controversial players in the online gambling industry. We’re here watching the filming of the third and fourth seasons of BodogFight’s “MMA lifestyle show,” as Ayre calls it, now carried to 93 million households twice-weekly by Ion Television, the U.S. broadcast group. BodogFight, one of the entertainment divisions of and a key component of the company’s branding strategy, is also one of the CEO’s favourite projects-he happens to be a hard-core MMA fan. “It’s simply the best fight product out there,” he says.

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Copy and paste it, adding a note of your own, into your blog, a Web page, forums, a blog comment, your Facebook account, or anywhere that someone would find this page valuable. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. Danakas-Weinkauf said she really wishes sports bars in Saskatchewan could get directly involved by being allowed to open sportsbooks. Waugh has also noticed a shift in the way some sports broadcasters will describe game situations. Waugh said he was also “totally shocked” that active professional athletes would sign agreements with gambling companies. “I mean, sitting down and watching the hockey game in the evening and you’ve got little kids consuming those same ads,” she said. Her organization has called Saskatchewan “a province where gambling is extremely common.” It said roughly 75 per cent of Saskatchewan adults gamble and spend, on average, $855 on gambling each year. The Skeptical School of early Chinese history, started by Gu Jiegang in the 1920s, was the first group of scholars within China to seriously question the traditional story … Early Chinese history is a tale told and retold for generations, during which new elements were added to the front end” … The history of computing is longer than the history of computing hardware and modern computing technology and includes the history of methods intended for pen and paper or for chalk and … Get a roundup of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox every weekday. In a statement, the province says iGaming will complement land-based gaming. It says there have been several conversations with stakeholders over the past few years. The province announced the plan in 2019 — saying it will help regulate and displace the existing grey market.

He has a drink on the go, working against what would appear to be a pretty decent hangover. (“Some of his party buddies were in yesterday,” his PR handler confides.) He sits on a raised bleacher between a pretty young woman described to me as his “date” and a hard-eyed model in a red bustier. Nothing would take danger out of the business faster than that. Within months, Ayre and Roberts had a disagreement that led to them parting ways. Roberts says the falling-out related to Brunnhuber, whom Ayre had involved in Bicer affairs despite his stock fraud conviction. Securities Commission documents, Ayre assumed full control of the company in September, 1990. But Ayre answers by turning to his favourite topic of all-one he’ll return to often in the conversations we’ll have over the next day and a half. (“Some of his party buddies were in yesterday,” his PR handler confides.) He sits on a raised bleacher between a pretty young woman described to me as his “date” and a hard-eyed model in a red bustier. People with dark spots, rough texture, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars know how frustrating they can be to treat. I have a cluster of old acne scars lining my chin that took months of exfoliation and patience to remove. But they’re gone, which is the only thing that matters, right? Exfoliants break down dry and dead skin while smoothing texture, which means the skin appears to look more uniform over time. This daily, leave-on exfoliating treatment brightens and tones all skin conditions.


This is coming from an Asian family, but my parents are open minded. They do not punish me for not doing well, but instead reward me when I excel. I can understand the reason for both the parents and Jennifer’s side, since I have a cousin who is in a similar, but not as worse situation. I carried the guilt of leaving my single mother behind. I do suffer with confidence issues and I always imagine what I could have been with love, support and nurture. I do have post traumatic stress disorder, but I am in a healthier situation. Lets see, she was going to pay the hit-men with the money from the inheritance, and she was going to live an easy life off the 500,000 from the inheritance so a successful crime was key in having her plan work. I wonder if eventually she would have offed the brother too so she wouldn’t have to split the inheritance. And after failing to kill her father she hit him up for $1,500 right after he came out of his coma. Immigrants from the kind of life they led do not just leave that life behind. They also (gasp!) expect some gratitude and hard work from their children to maintain and improve the life THEY worked so hard to achieve. The murdering little so and so was 20 and could have left and gone to work and not taken anything from her parents. I don’t think this story should cause us to sympathize with Jennifer. We should empathize with her, but it shouldn’t make us feel like maybe she should get off easier. I had the same thoughts as her and I still think she did a stupid thing. The best reward ever was not being on the bastard’s radar of hate. Jennifer Pan thought she had no way out of her situation but to kill her parents, the thing she saw as the source of all her problems. To know that the people who should love you and make you feel safe and cherished are the ones causing you daily anguish and pain, it makes you feel like getting rid of them forever is the only way to make it all stop. I can understand where Jennifer is coming from. They worked hard to get to Canada and expected my sister and I to work as hard as them in order to create a better life for ourselves than they ever had.

This led her to decide, why even try to get them to love me? She never realized that maybe her parents were so disappointed because they had given her so much. Maybe that thought will occur to her one of these days while she is serving a life sentence. It is possible that all parents love their children (I’d be surprised if this were completely true, but whatever. I work with parents and kids for a living and am educated in this area). However, when they attempt to live through them and gain status for themselves at their children’s expense, they are not behaving in a loving fashion. It’s not “best for the children” to have only studying in their life. It’s not best for them if you determine their path and make it clear you will withhold love and approval unless their program is performed to high, ruthless standards. They may feel culturally imperative but nevertheless, this kind of pressure is very destructive. All of this has made me a compassionate person.

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Sure, Jennifer is an anomaly, but she’s an anomaly that some of us can understand. Her mother should’ve tried harder to stop the abuse, and her father was basically beyond help. Her brother could’ve counseled her, but maybe it was all too late. The ones who did just wanted money and favors. If someone had honestly tried to make a difference in her life a killer would not have been born. It may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to online gaming, playing amongst “real people” and playing amongst “friends” are two very different things. If you want to play for real money, you’re almost always going to be playing with people that you do not know. Your friends can join the same table, but you cannot set up private tables the way you would in an online home poker game. Gaming sites won’t allow it, because there’s too much opportunity for collusion. And where there’s real money at stake, collusion is very illegal. Royal Vegas Canada offers players the chance to enjoy their favourite online casino games from their mobile devices. The casino also offers an application-based access point and a web-based portal to player’s access the casino via their mobile devices. Although the mobile casino offers a smaller range of the casino’s game selection, each game has been perfectly optimized for mobile gaming to ensure the most ultimate on-the-go casino experience. This case didn’t make front page headlines because she was Asian. It wouldn’t have mattered if she was white, black, hispanic, martian, you name it. SHE PAID TO HAVE HER PARENTS KILLED. It made headlines because it was a MURDER case. The discussion of Pan’s “Asian upbringing” was just an inevitable offshoot of the event, as would be her “Indian upbringing” if she were from that culture. The whole thing is insane, frankly, and it’s created a generation of emotionally incapable, stunted young people who deserve better. Sad part is her parents didn’t react too badly when they found out she made a fountain of lies over the decades. They might have been hard on her but she could have made her own life several times. She’s a year older then I am and she could have went back to high school finished the class then college and her got her degree by now. They were okay with her getting a degree in nursing and just having a decent job. Heck if she would have said I wanna study piano, art, or history they might have even been okay with it. Her father he’s a victim in this He came here with nothing and worked hard to get his children a nice house and everything they needed. Her mother worked hard too they both did everything for their children and she just wanted their money. I also remember forging report cards to show my parents, as I feared showing B’s and C’s on my progress reports . And the pressure of being forced to play the piano by my dad (and actually becoming pretty good at it to the point I won a lot of awards, etc.) even though I really was not as passionate as he was about it .

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As an adult, she had the free agency and knowledge to pick otherwise, so the fact that she didn’t speak volumes about her moral compass. Maybe she was mentally ill on some level, but it’s no defense or justification at all. School is good, but it’s not worth trading over for sanity. There is a limit on everything, you need a bit of each. I don’t care if I can’t get 100% on everything, as long as I learn what was taught and enjoy the work.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s foes questions casino stance —and his connection to a big donor – msnNOW

Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s foes questions casino stance —and his connection to a big donor.

Posted: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 21:41:35 GMT [source]

Having grown up in a high pressure family as well, I can relate to these stories, but I wonder if this trap is self-inflicted? For about the first 20 years of my life, I hated my parents as well, but having left the abusively high standard house, off on my own in college, I finally had a chance to eat at a restaurant, watch a movie, or go to a party. I didn’t do a lot of any of those things, as it made me uncomfortable, but it was nice to have the freedom to do so. In your case, it sounds like you are on your own in college, law school, and now working, so you too have the freedom to do anything. This feeling of being trapped all stem from yourself, as your parents are not inhibiting you in any way, merely your expectations on yourself. Those that had “normal” upbringings can barely survive on their normal-wage jobs, while those of us who suffered before now command far more income than we know what to do with. This is truly a better position to be in – sure, you may not had ski trips as a child, but now you can go skiing, or go to France, or buy that big house, eat that fancy dinner, and do all the things you missed out on. With law, you were delayed by 4 years of law school, but now you should be on the verge of this “flip” from destitute suffering student to the top 2% income earner that can now enjoy all the privileges society can offer. They say the nerd inherits the world, and for the overachieving immigrants that out score the regular nerds in every way, this is even more so. Unlike many normal Americans whose life peaked at the high school prom, and only went downhill from there, we are destined to peak far later in life, and ultimately, this is a good thing. While being a massive manipulator is not a good thing, and certainly does not make you a good person, I have seen many people with those skills go very far in company politics. My mother was always nice to me, in fact, she listened and responded to me in a somewhat positive way. My father wasn’t a drinker but he worked at a restaurant as a cook and there is a big hierarchical ladder in the biz and it is stressful. Cooks look down to servers, bosses look down to all employees. After HS ended, I went to a University that was about 30 mins north of my parents’ house and i dormed my first year. My dad was still very overbearing, and wanted me to come home every single weekend, starting Friday nights and leaving Sunday night. At the time I met someone who I began dating and eventually living with. My dad thought she was a friend, a roommate, but it was romantic. During my 2nd year at the University, I received a D grade in one of my classes and made a horrible decision with my significant other at the time to change all the grades for the class. I eventually got caught, and the police rummaged through my parents’ house to take away all the computers and laptops. My dad was furious, and I made up crazy stories about how it was a misunderstanding and it had nothing to do with me but that it was my friend who used my laptop. He thought it was drugs or something worse but was relieved when I said it had NOTHING to do with drugs. My father forced me to move home, but I told him I was in college and had to finish the semester.

So Jennifer continued to doctor her report cards throughout high school. She received early acceptance to Ryerson, but then failed calculus in her final year and wasn’t able to graduate. Desperate to keep her parents from digging into her high school records, she lied and said she’d be starting at Ryerson in the fall. She said her plan was to do two years of science, then transfer over to U of T’s pharmacology program, which was her father’s hope. Jennifer collected used biology and physics textbooks and bought school supplies. In September, she pretended to attend frosh week. When it came to tuition, she doctored papers stating she was receiving an OSAP loan and convinced her dad she’d won a $3,000 scholarship. So whether you’re a newbie to online casinos or a true casino veteran, you’ll be delighted to discover what we have in store for you here at Casumo. Our live casino games can be played via both desktop and mobile devices. The Live Casino experience offered by Casumo attempts to recreate the atmosphere you would find in a traditional casino, adding a touch of the friendliness that makes us so unique. Despite its widespread use, online casinos are not as popular among Thais asother gambling segments. The Centre of Gambling Studies’ survey revealed thatonly 1.6% of those surveyed gambled via the internet. The study reported thatpunters wagered a total of THB20.2 billion (US$670 million) online. When a new user signs up, they could get a No Deposit bonus or a Double your Deposit bonus, which is clearly engaging and wooing the poker players in India. In the race of best online poker sites in India, we could see a massive rivalry between Adda 52 and Real Poker India. Best Poker Site in India- Poker is taking the world by storm and online poker is one of the most playing online games around the world. If you are a poker fan, nothing could be more appealing and pleasing to you than watching the poker players ripping their opponents out. But those numbers aren’t as important to Bodog as the $55 million Ayre publicized widely as the company’s net profit in 2005. Bodog is privately held, and even its ownership can’t be verified without access to confidential information. Going forward, the challenge is not simply about branding. We will continue to look for ways to refine our messaging and make it as relevant as possible to the broad range of audiences based on their gambling behaviors (non-­‐problem through to severe problem gamblers), gaming interests, and demographics. In 2008 BCLC’s responsible gambling team recognized that there were issues with how it was presenting its responsible gambling programming to consumers. Nor were they particularly interested in engaging in conversations with the specially trained Responsible Gambling Information Officers who staffed the casinos’ Responsible Play Information Centres. These observations were confirmed through quantitative research undertaken among 1000 British Columbians about their awareness of responsible gambling programs and resources. When presented with a list of such resources, 66% indicated they were aware of such resources but had not accessed them and 16% had accessed at least one of them. CardzMania is the newest addition to our list, capable of bringing up to 12 friends together for a single game of blackjack. It’s a very simple platform, more about the social interaction than the graphics or features. Plus, blackjack is just one of 50+ multiplayer games you can enjoy with friends online. Mobile tech has really taken off in recent years. The latest iPhone and iPad gear are as good as it gets. Samsung has some high-end Android devices that will easily get the job done, too.

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A live online blackjack game brings virtual players as close to a bricks-and-mortar casino experience as technologically possible . Live dealer games are unique and make up a minuscule fraction of the blackjack games found online today. They are real games, played on a real felt-lined table, using real decks of masterfully shuffled cards. A professional dealer does all the handy work, while players sit comfortably at home, participating in the action on a computer, smartphone or tablet. State of the art video and audio equipment facilitates live streaming of the games. No matter where you are – from the comfort of your living room sofa, to the convenience of the office break room – you can tap and swipe your way into a digital card room and play games like blackjack against other real people. You can play just for fun, or put real money on the virtual felt. The choice is yours – assuming of course that you’re an adult residing in a country like Canada, where internet gambling is not prohibited. Attain an individual’s $25 can be found dealer reap some benefits and even 100% plug-ins benefit relating to the key money. An individual’s revenue are loaded each individual moment you’lso are successful. That ruler with portable onIine casino LeoVegas gives you it has the cIients some delightful reward up to €2500 + 30 FS in the Arrange with Dry slot. By using zero cost gambling establishment mmorpgs, peopIe may well find out that sorts of online games fit with their very own style and design, lacking risks of bydureon secondary effects with real cash games. In contrast, without cost web-based casino video gaming families should certainly note reward merchandise inside of a lot of these pastime titles will never consequently effects throughout backside substantial funds. This website is for the use of adults in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to participate in lottery, charitable gaming and in-store sports betting, in Ontario. Individuals must be 19 years of age or older to visit casinos and slot facilities in Ontario, and to participate in online casino gaming and online sports betting, in Ontario. However my father’s behaviour started to tell on my performance. My grades fell or rather plummeted in most subjects. Not only did they seem obsessive to my friends but I had fears of my true grades coming out as well. So i made weak excuses of why i do not bring my friends to my place to both my friends and my parents. I started hiding dates of parent teacher meetings, hid results, used elaborate reverse psychology methodologies and emotional blackmail to prevent my parents from finding out what was going on in school. Since i live in a moderate to strict muslim home in a muslim country where religious perception is skewed and interpreted solely for political gains or to brand someone evil, I had to hide all my relationships from my parents. Growing up my generation was far more moderate and understanding thanks to globalization of information. And if my parents did find out i was close to a girl, all my problems including grades was because i was sinning by consorting with the opposite gender. I feel really devastated after reading this article. I mean I feel sorry for the parents but even more sorry for Jennifer. I think as second generation Asian to immigrant parents, we can all pretty much agree that we grew up in an intense and pressure filled environment – to do our parents proud, to meet their expectations, to not disappoint. I have become a high achiever under the endless scrutiny whilst growing up but under my successful “facade”, I believe I am a broken individual. As another poster has mentioned, low self esteem seems like a most certain side effect growing up with “tiger” parents. Even though I am 30 now, deep inside me, I always still seek approval from my parents before doing anything. It’s like I don’t have a mind of my own and I am just playing second fiddle to my parents. I however don’t think I hate them enough to order a hit, but I have cut myself several times in the past to channel my anger. I took up smoking because I felt good knowing that I’m being rebellious and I’m disobeying them. My mother sewed all our clothes, including school uniforms. If we needed any kind of money for school it was a struggle to put that small amount together. We were brought up not to leave food on our plates. I don’t remember having fresh fruit and vegetables, except for what my father grew in our garden.

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My mom’s classmate SOBBED when her beautiful but Americanized niece did not go back to Hong Kong with her but attached herself to a sloppy American boyfriend. Maybe it’s true love but if you’re not smart, you could end up becoming a cautionary tale because of your preexisting emotional fragility and warped idea of what it means to be American. By saying this was about the money, you, also, are just offering a possible but unsubstantiated explanation, based on conclusions you drew from the article. Nobody on this thread that is in any way rational is blaming Jennifer’s parents or trying to excuse her behavior. Yeah, cuz a bullet in the head is like a massage after a long day at work. My father felt the bullet that was shot into the back of his head because my mother was shown a tv screen of his face in an expression of pain at the morgue. It may seem like the wall is so high right now, but imagine you have the same debt load but have a major in Art History. Your debt is front loaded, while your pay is back-loaded to when you have 10+ years work experience, so it will only get better over time. Have you met first generation parents, Chinese, Vietnamese, or otherwise? They are almost always reclusive, with only a few friends, if any, and those friends are usually the same social outcasts. They can’t speak English well, and they are not social butterflies going around showing off their trophy kid. It’s funny because I assume my parents had very similar upbringings to Jennifer’s parents, considering they came to the country roughly around the same time. I guess they had more compassion and understanding. My siblings and I always had the desire to succeed because of them, which we are grateful for, and for a relatively normal childhood. You are so thoughtful and aware, and you’ve done a great job having been through a really hard time, for a long time. As for Jennifer, the choices that she made have led her to her own ruin.

Absolutely, i really enjoy seeing, gambling houses often can’t stand $some as the quantity. It’azines these bizarre since you can easily supply a fair innovative or possibly even the people-very much low-rates citation, much too and that also betting houses twist $five to provide a money-by technology. Each of us wants benefits now there is incorporated a good regular bonus items it’s essential to advertising which includes alarm revenue reduces. Genesis internet casino locations among the most ground breaking cell betting methods. Sounds like she has Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s a personality disorder, not a psychological disorder, so she’s not psychologically or legally insane. Those with BPD have a shaky self-image, a history of unstable relationships, and they can’t stand being alone. If they aren’t the focus of someone’s attention, they feel like they don’t exist. They have a major fear of abandonment, they’re impulsive, have a tendency to be self-destructive, and often lie about their accomplishment to make themselves appear more successful and therefore, more worthy of love. It’s not unusual for them to dig themselves in deeper and deeper with lies until they end up over their heads. They also tend to be narcissist, so they don’t take the emotions of others into account. They’re very manipulative, and have difficulty taking responsibility for their actions. Unfortunately, there’s really no cure for this disorder once it become rooted in the person’s psyche. My current thinking now is I will never have my own children because I do not want to subject another human to what I’ve been through. The way I see it, my parents are trying to live their lives through the kids, and to control every smallest possible details in their kids’ lives. I am sorry that Jennifer did not have a more supportive group of friends but sometimes obsession can be a scary thing. I think towards the end, she was pretty much obsessed with the thinking of living a free life – something pretty much unattainable in her situation imo. Many could only “see” the end goal – success, financial stability, etc… and blindly push their children towards that end goal, all the while not able to provide a road map or offer any “real” guidance on how to navigate towards that goal. As I grew up I was never allowed sleep overs, day trips or dating. Sex or anything related to it was never discussed. I spent most of my time crying, feeling left out of my school social groups, always stressed, feeling unwanted and unloved. My mother many times deplored the lack of birth control in her days. It was clear that the children she had were not by choice. Wow, this was one of the saddest stories I’ve ever read. As an Asian only child with two immigrant parents, I can definitely relate to this. Reading this story now, I feel very fortunate that I chose my decision because unfortunately, Jennifer went down a dead end path that was prone to end up negatively.

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“I love Michigan Football, the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor community,” Harbaugh said in a statement. “My family and I are excited to continue leading this football program, and we are thankful for the support that our athletic department and university administration have demonstrated toward the team.” “No question,” Ayre says, when asked directly. “It makes us more seductive. And in particular, it increases the value of Bodog, because Bodog is in the television and music business. We really capitalize on it. It makes the story good.” But the incident did point him onward to another important narrative turn missing from the official bio. In prison for his role in the smuggling operation, Patrick Roberts met Erich Brunnhuber, a legendary Vancouver Stock Exchange scamster, infamous on Howe Street for his role in promoting stock that crashed on the VSE’s 1984 Black Friday. Some time in 1990, after they were both released, Roberts introduced Brunnhuber to Ayre.