However, crime reporter Nesti provides him with insight into the family including the fact that the nightclub ran a horde of Eastern Europe beauties as dancers and hookers and the mom was one of them. The Marshal begins to wonder if the Russian mafia killed the woman to warn her father to keep his mouth shut as they traffic in women from beyond the former Iron Curtain. If her profession didn’t emphasize slim, Kate would be more comfortable with her size. She understands the TV camera makes her seem bigger and that society prefers trim people; something she is not and never will be. Ironically readers will admire her for her courage and strength of conviction chasing a news story; while if series fans seen her on TV, we probably wonder how she made it as few plus size women do . Not for everyone with BDSM and multiple partnering, SECRET TIES is a well written heated erotic romance starring two protagonists who seem real supported by a strong cast especially in the vast sexual encounters. Fans will enjoy Summer’s dilemma as Max has given her every fantasy she craves except one. She fears pushing the envelope of three hunks taking her at the same time may drive away any of the trio she loves but especially her teacher. This is an interesting amusing historical tale with a wonderful romantic subplot that enhances Fiona Farrell’s satirical homage to Darwin as mustelids and ferrets play matchmakers, but not the way readers would expect. The story line is whimsical with solid characters having differing personalities. Fans who relish something different and do not demonize evolution will enjoy this irreverent look at relationships, human and otherwise, that both highly respect in awe and cheekily mock also in awe Darwin. The latest Pearson police procedural is an exciting whodunit in which the heroine’s boss and lover intrude in her inquiry. The best laid plans of mice, men and Jersey Barnes always goes astray. She is worried that her younger brother Morgan is in trouble seemingly connected to inheriting their father’s popular restaurant Argo. Jersey takes a quick peak and sees nothing out of the ordinary for someone who recently lost his parents suddenly and was dumped by his fiancee. She digs deeper since she has time on her hands as the Barnes Agency and her bar work too perfectly without her and her boyfriend Ox Oxendine is spending quality time with his daughter. Jersey revises her opinion when someone assaults her and Morgan. Jersey soon learns what is behind the Argo’s famous Green Table and uncovers undercover DEA agent Brad the hunk Logan who matches her chutzpah for chutzpah even down to matching weapons to wardrobe. They team up and soon find evidence that Argo is part of a drug ring, which impacts the late parents of Morgan unless Jersey with her befuddled father’s help can prove otherwise.

What are the best slot machines to play in a casino?

  • Ugga Bugga 99.07% RTP – Playtech. This curious offering is unlike other slots.
  • Mega Joker, 99% RTP – NetEnt. This NetEnt classic is beloved by slots fans.
  • Jackpot 6000, RTP 98.8% – Netent.
  • Blood Suckers, 98% RTP – NetEnt.
  • White Rabbit Megaways, 97.77 RTP – Big Time Gaming.

These can come in a number of forms, such as a welcome bonus or a loyalty bonus. At The Rockies Casino we have plenty of featured bonuses for you to explore. Sometimes they don’t require any deposit at all, sometimes they will match your deposit with free bets, or reward you with free spins. Whichever bonuses these online casinos offer, it is usually a positive if they are giving potential customers an incentive to sign up to their websites. Again, it is always vitally important to check the terms and conditions before depositing anything; do the bonuses only apply to a certain number of games? Are there any restrictions on how quickly you can withdraw any winnings? It can be smart to do a bit of your own research first by reading our casino website reviews, to find out what kind of casino bonus is best for you. Cobra casino has much to offer the discerning player, and is one of many safe online casinos Canada. The games, bonuses, loyalty rewards, and payment providers are all on point. The design is easy on the eye (unless you don’t like snakes, of course), and the site is easy to navigate. Customer service is lacking here, and the terms and conditions are quite convoluted. It won’t be easy to garner any real winnings from the welcome bonus, and the large number of games might actually feel somewhat overwhelming to a newbie. Luckily, the loyalty program is good enough to make up for the shortcomings elsewhere. is a news and comparison site for people who love playing slots and online casinos. We’re a totally independent comparison site, dedicated to help you compare different online casinos, free spins and welcome bonuses in Canada. Our mission is to help consumers find better offers and bonuses and help you enjoy your online gambling experience to the fullest. Wild Sultan is a safe and trusted classic in the online gambling world that will draw you in with its exotic and lively design and keep you in by offering you 1,000 slots to play on. What’s more, you’ll have enough welcome bonus money to give everything a go until you find your favourite games at one of the leading and most loved online casinos you’ll come across in Canada. You hope to not ever have to contact customer support with any issue when playing online games and betting, but it can happen from time to time. And when it does, playing on a site with a great customer service really does make a big difference. Having 24/7 support, whether via a live chat on the website itself, or with a phone number to call, really does make a big difference, and will lead to a positive casino website review. Additionally, the wide selection of themed slots, table games, and the live casino will make sure to provide something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of taste. On top of that, the simple payment methods and the outstanding customer support team will make your experience memorable. The casino offers over 500 slot games, 64 table games, and 12 live dealer games of the highest quality matching the other best online casinos in Canada. Newly registered players can benefit from a 100% match bonus up to $750 and an additional 250 free spins. This bonus can only be redeemed when using the code “COBRA100”. Additionally, when making a second deposit players can receive 50% up to $200 and 50 free spins when using the code “COBRA50”. But it does not end there, on the third deposit bonus the casino will provide a 125% match bonus up to $600 and this bonus can be claimed when using the code “COBRA125”. These thrilling bonuses are just scratching the surface of the number of rewarding promotions this casino offers. On Tuesdays, players can win up to 100 free spins when making a deposit and using the code “TU100”. For loyal players, Cobra Casino also offers exclusive promotions consisting of cash prizes, Highroller bonuses, and birthday bonuses. Cobra Casino has been accepting deposits from players since 2020. And since their debut, they’ve amassed well over 3,000 casino games, including a diverse live dealer casino. Scroll down below to learn more about this online gambling site.

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It allows individuals to use blockchain technology to transact with conventional currencies across the internet, with all transactions conducted by tether tokens on the blockchain representing real-world currency. They are provided on the website via links at the base of the screen. They are clear to the reader and provide all of the necessary information. This means that you’ll be able to find out the rules about each specific promotion without excessive difficulty. As of now, there has been no specifically developed app for this casino on either Android or iOS devices. This means that you will have to settle for the mobile casino. It is an in-browser version of what you would find on a computer. The mobile version of the website has been specifically tailored for smartphones and works just as well as the main website. With such a massive selection, you get to play numerous blackjack variants. They cover both American and European versions, and there are plenty of inventive concepts, like Double Exposure Blackjack. This NetEnt gem features 3D graphics, cool collapsing reels, and a bonus round with multipliers. Get on a roll in the bonus round, and you could make some serious cash. In order to play on your smart phone or tablet, you do not need to download a specific app. The casino works like a charm via your device browser – and does not take any extra space in your phone. Cobra Casino is compatible with all iOS, Android and Windows devices. All this experience is drawn upon when he writes, and we dare say he’s one of the best casino writers out there.

Although she vowed never to hide her intelligence, she conceals her brains and her profession behind the image of a cleaning lady. As they fall in love, he begins to believe she is damaging a business deal of his; his distrusts grows when he learns what she actually does for a living. Emmy Logan arrives at Halo Island in the Pacific Northwest seeking a fresh start for her and her troubled eleven year old son Jesse. She knows Jesse needs a strong male role model especially after the teen street gangs of Oakland tried recruiting him, but also does not want a man in her life. These three interrelated Hawaii surfing romances are lighthearted beach fun starring likable protagonists and an apt title paying homage to Bruce Brown’s documentary. JC Wilcox and Zack Fanning meet in the surf at a time she may have to leave due to no sponsorship. However, the surfing legend who cannot participate due to an injury wants to live his dream of winning through JC so wants to sponsor her with all his heart. When someone begins vandalizing the ranch, Caitlyn, who distrusts Judd with her heart, knows he is her only hope to save the spread though he might be the saboteur as part of his vengeance for her dumping him. Judd holds a mean grudge not forgiving her for dumping him, but every time he looks into her eyes; his icy heart melts though he works extra time to refreeze it. LADY JASMINE is a terrific inspirational contemporary tale that is filled with church intrigue, a light mystery, humor and pathos. A plotter all her life in order to gain positions of wealth and respect, Jasmine Larson Bush knows she is fortunate that her beloved spouse Reverend Hosea Bush forgave her lies and plots. In 1815, following his Grand Tour, Lord Max St. Albans needs to pick a wife. His solicitor gives him a list of five eligible ladies with four meeting his stipulation of no scandal as he tries to improve the family name. The fifth Daphne Starling excites him because she jilted his childhood enemy Albert Carew, who has spread scandalous gossip about her. Max follows Daphne into the dangerous Rookery where she visits an orphanage. When some locals accost her, Max coming out of a hooker’s joint acts like a drunk to divert them. She is attracted to him too, but prefers to pick his pocket instead. Haughty especially when he wants something and he WANTS her, he pursues her with due diligence, but has no idea she reciprocates though she loathes the idea of loving an arrogant aristocrat. In 1809, Duke Quentin kisses India which leaves them both wanting more. However as she has problems especially with “Peter the Pest” he has doubts because he wants her to have more chances with life than a week of falling in love. Lord Lucien de Grey may be a shallow rake, but as a Duke with money he can go anywhere in the Beau Monde and thus he could help his childhood friend become accepted by those in Polite Society. However, Lucien is attracted to Zoe and though she reciprocates, she fears his reaction to learning what happened to her years ago even as the danger that exiled her has returned to complete the job. Twelve year old Zoe Lexham disappears while on a family trip to the Middle East. She spent years in a harem after her father foolishly took the family on a tour of the dangerous Eastern Mediterranean and was abducted in Egypt; there she learned to speak openly and honestly about sex. When she finds her way home in 1818, Zoe knows she has no prospects for marriage; being too old and worse ultra scandalous. The keys to this straightforward whodunit are Kate’s adjustment to motherhood to include her daily to do list and hard boiled Galigani who is amused by the new mother teaches her the ropes of investigating. In other words chick lit meets Noir in Dana Orgain’s fun mystery. The police pull out of the Bay the corpse of a murdered male whom the medical examiner thought might be Jim’s estranged brother, George; his bags were on the pier nearby. Jim gives information to the ME, which proves the victim is not his brother. Brad’s family hires private investigator Albert Galigani to uncover who killed her son. Neither he nor SFPD can find George, but both assume the missing man’s brother and sister-in-law knows more than they are telling, which is nothing. Kate searches for the elusive George only to get in trouble with the police and an unknown adversary who might be George. In San Francisco, office manager Kate Connolly takes a leave of absence to give birth to Laurie. However, mom and daughter connect instantly and Kate asks herself how she is going to return to work in six weeks when this bundle of joy calls to her to stay with her.

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They fall in love even with each pretending to be someone else. However, the outlaw gang wants Lane dead and collateral damage is quite acceptable; in fact encouraged. Those villains masquerading as upper class citizens have come to take home Destiny and collateral damage is part of their plot as she must have the proper husband. The final Bombay assassination romantic suspense thriller is a fabulous finish due to irreverent Cy, his “son” Sartre, the locale, and the rest of the family. Veronica (don’t call her Ronnie) seems more of a straight woman to the comedic lead male as he is Grouch Marx to her Bud Abbott . Fans will enjoy the capers of cousin Cy as the curtain comes down on the wonderful Bombay brood, who prove the Republicans are right as a family that kills together stays together. Based on an anonymous tip to authorities, Brennan arrived in Chicago with Andrew Ryan of the Serete du Quebec where she is being accused of erring in her autopsy of Canadian heiress Rose Jurmain. Meanwhile back in her Montreal lab, Brennan links Jurmain’s death to the brutal murders of other elderly women by a particularly nasty serial killer. As she explores her premise further, she is just beginning to understand she is a trapped rodent in a deadly cat and mouse game. This is a whimsical romantic fantasy starring a woman grieving her loss and a genie grieving his status. The story line is owned by this pair as she quickly realizes she is falling in love with a Machiavellian genie while he finds her love might be the thing to end his “curse”. Time travel, genies, and bereaving heroines make for warm wonderful whimsy. The double prong assault leaves the Templars with little protection. Knowing their time is over, William releases his men from their sacred vows and after the battle at Bannockburn pledges to find the mythical Merica. The Czechs fight bravely, but are easily overwhelmed by the superior Nazi army abetted by Slovakia independence supporters. The German war machine quickly conquers Holland, Belgium and Lichtenstein. While leaders of both sides map strategic objectives, individuals struggle with the effect of the hostilities. Peggy Druce came to take the waters at Marianske Lazne but ended up a neutral stuck in Berlin unable to go home. The Goldmans always thought they were Germans first and Jews second until the Third Reich destroyed their beliefs. Besides the prime fronts, there are other local wars like the Spanish Civil War where American Communists fight against Fascist forces. In China, the Japanese have invaded China while American marines have a ringside seat to the pacific Theatre. However, the biggest news is the German blitzkrieg heading towards Paris.

  • Fans will enjoy the tale as long as the plausibility meter is left on idle.
  • is another reputable entry from our list of Tether casinos featuring an easy-to-use interface and hassle-free gaming experience.
  • Participants can post and share relevant information on research findings, webinars, professional development opportunities and more.
  • Fans of Lisa Jackson’s suspense thrillers will enjoy the return of Detective Regan Pescoli who is caught by the serial killer she hunts.

Another 32 casinos offer slots/VLTs and limited electronic table games. The welcome bonus offers 20 free spins at the Age of the Gods as a Canadian online casino no deposit bonus before the real welcome bonus of up to $400 and another 180 free spins. Registered in Malta, the Royal Panda has been in business since 2014 under the licence of the Malta Gaming Authority. It was available to UK players until recently, but it discontinued its services in 2020. The casino offers a staggering number of 3000 games by Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech. Spin Casino customer support is there constantly, available through live chat at all times whenever you need assistance or help with an issue. There is an email for inquiries, and you can write to , but we found that there is no telephone number if you prefer to contact a live agent. However, on the high gaming levels, you can be awarded your own game manager.

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The advantage is that the unlock requirements are only 1 time and must be completed within 7 days. As our review shows, users using the support have access to significant advantages such as a service offered in French , 24/7 and via two channels – including a chat option. But the worst thing about this H10 hotel is the H10 premium breakfast… We didn’t know what it was and we were told it was going to last only 1hr, when in fact it lasted 4hrs… The staff was nice at first when they were trying to sell us free vacations weeks and travel points, but when we refused to join they started to be disrespectful until we left. Very enjoyable when you pay that much money to be on vacations to actually get hassled like this in your hotel. After refusing, we checked on the web and we realized that they were actually selling timeshares… It was crazy when we observed the energy they spend trying to get people (usually couples or singles, no family at least…) to their presentations. Don’t be carried away by the name ‘Just spin’; they offer more than spinning. Bettors who love to play table games love that of the casino. Overtime, you might start to notice that some of the games you enjoy playing the most are powered and produced by the same game provider. Some of the names that crop up quite often are Betsoft, Play ‘N Go or Playtech, to name but a few. If you end up finding a certain game provider you enjoy, it may be a good way to screen a website by checking if they have games designed by that company. Each of our reviews will be sure to mention which providers can be found on which sites. Other information on the responsible gambling page includes a description of the various features the casino has available to its players. These include the self-exclusion and deposit limits on the casino. Finally, players can find the casino policy on underage gaming and links to various filtering programs that parents and guardians can use to protect minors. Quatro Casino uses a Random Number Generator to ensure the fairness of the games on its platform. Players also have access to a history of their gaming, banking transactions, and wagering. The casino is powered by Microgaming, so players can relax knowing that they are gaining access to a plethora of high-quality games. Some of the most attractive games on the casino are the progressive slot titles that offer players an opportunity to win big – if you get lucky. It takes some time to familiarize yourself, and there can certainly be some snags along the way. Cobrabet is a new sportsbook, and customers may find themselves a little lost at first. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a quick guide encompassing key things like opening an account, placing a bet, and claiming a promo. Sportsbooks aren’t the only aspect of an operator that provides bonuses to their users. Casino users can also access a large number of different promotions that help them get the most out of their online betting experience. Typically, a sports betting bonus will be tied to things like major sporting events to drive bettor action. They can be anything from a free bet for a certain market, boosted odds for specific games, and even giveaways and prize draws. Facilitation of “Introduction to Problem Technology Use,” a foundational online course, followed by “Introduction to Problem Gambling,” a foundational online course being offered in late June/July. I am also busy delivering Ontario Lottery and Gaming responsible gambling trainings to various customer service sites, which has been a partnership with PSSP for a number of years. Not least is the customer support service made available to Cobra Casino members. Cobra Casino’s customer support service is very efficient and available seven days a week, round the clock. As previously mentioned, the program of services offered by Cobra Casino is really rich and boasts a number of over 2000 different games and a section dedicated to news updated weekly. This way, even longtime users will always have the opportunity to enjoy new games. Alternatively, by clicking on the large red button on the right side of each page of the site, you will be able to contact customer support more immediately by accessing the Live Chat of customer service. To use the chat, you must be registered on the Cobra Casino portal. Cobra Casino’s customer service is available seven days a week, round the clock. Cobra Casino is reputed to have excellent customer service, made up of industry experts and a very helpful team and ready to help their players in case of problems. To access the area dedicated to assistance, just click on the “assistance” button located in the “help” column at the bottom right of the site’s main page. Many of these will sound familiar to you, while others you will probably never hear of them, so what we can recommend is “Seeing is believing!

If you prefer e-wallets, you can deposit and withdraw at no fee via bank transfer, or by using Skrill or Instant Bank. Alternatively, you can use Visa, Visa Electron, or Mastercard cards, but you will be charged a 2.5% fee. When you sign up to Tonybet, you will receive a 100% bonus up to CA$1000, but also 120 free spins to use on Cowboys Gold, with CA$0.1 per spin. However, in order to be eligible for the bonus, you need to deposit at least CA$20. We tested the live chat and found that the response is truly quick and the service is prompt, efficient and helpful. We strongly recommend using Wild Fortune’s support system for any type of issue. Please contact the support team to learn more about the payment methods allowed in your country of residence. Wild Fortune Casino works with Visa and Mastercard, but also accepts multiple digital wallets as means of payment. Note that the minimum amount for both deposits and withdrawals is €20. Virtual gambling hotspots often strive to attract an even wider crowd of reliable patrons with the help of their very own loyalty program.

Most of the time, they are where you will meet your requirements for bonuses. If you don’t find a solution, the Fruity King customer support team will assist you via email, or 24/7 via live chat. Operating since 2003,10Bet is licensed in the UK, Malta, and Sweden. The company has a longstanding good reputation and has been a constant in the online gambling world, providing outstanding quality and offers to its players over the years. This safe, secure place for online casino games and sports betting is a good choice if you are looking for an all-in-one casino. Once you’ve established the site is legitimate and secure, you can start looking at the promotions on offer! For example, does the casino offer a generous Welcome Offer? Or does it have a rewarding loyalty program and promotions calendar that would make it worth your while if you become a loyal player? Check this out as well as the bonus terms fine print – including maximum winnings you can obtain using bonus funds and wagering requirements. Some crypto casinos even offer no-deposit bonuses – more on that below. When you sign up with Cobra Casino, you can expect plenty of promotions. The casino offers three sign-up bonuses for your first three deposits. There are free spins, birthday rewards, and cashback bonuses. You can also participate in the VIP program by simply playing your favorite games. This casino has taken an innovative approach to its branding, which is a striking contrast to many online casinos. This is something that it has pulled off well, as it retains your attention as you explore the casino. The many games available at the casino are also another highlight. Their selection is solid and varied, which is impressive for a casino that is so new to the market. One of the most useful points in their favour is that they have so many bonuses to impress both new and existing players. They have dedicated a lot of thought to attracting and retaining players, which implies that they care about the quality of their services. The only downside worth noting is that there are not many withdrawal methods compared to other casinos. One of the best aspects of gambling online is that many online casinos offer fantastic bonuses and promotions. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different online casino websites out there. The number and variety of slot games and casino games is one of the key factors in making that decision.

The rollover requirement is 40x, but you’ll need to use the entire bonus within a month, which means a lot of play. The website is mobile-friendly and optimized for all playing devices. When you sign up with Spin Casino, a welcome bonus of $1,000 awaits you. You can get a 100% match up to $400, another 100% up to $300, and then another 100% bonus up to $300. All you need to do is lay the initial deposit of $10 to get the game rolling. Talking about table games, there’s Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Punto Banco, and variations of poker such as Oasis Poker, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, and multiple Video Poker options. The wagering requirements are not as high as with the competition and stand at 35x. There are another 250 games featuring roulette, baccarat, blackjack, table and live dealer games, video poker, Keno, and a lot of bingo. New gamblers registering with Fruity King sure do get a fruitful bonus of 100% up to £100 for their first deposit.