The better performances you have the better your pro will progress and become a star. As well as, sub par performances on a regular basis could lead to your demotion and quickly find yourself playing for the club’s reserve team. Ubisoft has released its second title in the Far Cry series and they seemed to have advanced in every aspect of the game. The main campaign mode of the game takes place in an African atmosphere where 2 rival factions have exploded into war against each other. You primary mission is to find The Jackal, whom has supplied the opposing factions with weapons and ammunition. Where there is a civil war of some sort, you will find the Jackal as he seems to be the main arms supplier in the region. You must search and kill The Jackal to end this endless supply of weapons and hopefully put the region back into a state of peace. The game offers a large soundtrack with just about something for everyone’s taste except those that like the good ole boys from Nashville. Yeah, sorry no country music to jam out to. Car and motorcycle sounds are right where you would expect along with the ambiance of the city itself.

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At the time of release, online game modes only consists of the frontlines mode in which you grab objectives to move the battle lines closer to the final objective. As in single player, you gain all the objectives on the frontline and the front moves forward to the next set. The difference with multiplayer is, now you have an enemy that can take back objectives you have already completed. Hence the importance of having a squad or multiple squads that works together in search of a common goal. The online play can be a complete chess match which can include guarding of objectives, sniping, use of vehicles for quick movement of squad members, etc. I am sure there will be folks out there looking for strictly death match and capture the flag style games, but honestly, that is not the point of this game and unnecessary. There is a bit of a twist to the campaign mode. As you progress through the single player campaign you will unlock cards. These cards can be used to alter the gameplay a little for the level you use them on. I would probably compare it to the old Madden card system where you earned boost cards for your players or you could affect the other teams abilities.

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There is a little bit of everything in this game for everyone to listen, play and enjoy. So as I stated, you’ll notice changes immediately when you start browsing through the menus of game modes. You’ll have the standard quick play and training modes, but you’ll also see the Tour option which will open up a whole new world of game modes. When you select the Tour mode, you’ll be prompted to choose either Local Tour or Xbox Live Tour. As was discussed earlier in this review, the graphics do really fall short of the bar that is set today. After what we have seen lately in games like Dirt and now Pure, there really is no reason why the graphics shouldn’t have some shine to them. One thing that really bothered me was the local public traffic and the lack of detail that went into these vehicles.

  • I go to see daily a few blogs and blogs to read articles, but this webpage provides feature based posts.
  • Interactive League is an option that allows you to play as your favorite team online against rivals online that reflect real world situations.
  • The movie was great and so was the game, but the game had some flaws and major elements missing that just didn’t make it top notch.
  • So to a degree the game is online, but I know that will not satisfy most Xbox gamers online expectations.
  • Folks will have fun with the game for quite a while, and any additions of maps and possible game modes will only help this game maintain a long game life online.

You’ll have to pay rent in the form of your own properties if you land on other player properties, or you can buy unowned properties that you land on. The goal of this game once again is to see who is the richest player by the end of the 6 rounds which is obtained by owning the most properties on the board in most cases. This game typically takes 30 minutes or less to lay a full game. The Industrial mode is basically a longer version of the Developer mode with 9 rounds rather than 6.

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Graphics, gameplay, control, and sounds, its all here. The game is solid and I would hope only extras would be added, but no changes to the gameplay. Its nice animations but they still look a little on the jagged side. You’d think an animation could be top notch. The mascots still show reaction to play on the field along with cannons firing for those schools that have them. Coaches also get animated on the sideline showing their appreciation or disgust for calls made on the field. The stadium renditions for most of the schools seem to be right on. I am amazed to play in some of the football stadiums. The crowds are not the most innovative feature but you see plenty of movement and the band bouncing back and forth while tooting a tune. You gotta love the intro’s to a few of the teams, like Notre Dame for example.