I don’t know, Mr. Minister, if we have to continue to read these to you, but it’s apparent that you haven’t bothered to read these analyses. They’re not all from major mining companies — they are from consultants and from engineers, they are from people who are concerned about this province and the continuance of the development of one of its major resources. The key decision to be made, therefore, is not the maximum quantity of taxes which may be possibly collected from each unit of the resource produced. It is very clear that the rate of taxation, through its impact on the incentives to explore for and develop resources, directly determines the amount of mining activity which will take place in British Columbia at any given time. I’ll go on further in discussion to talk about mine life which the Minister brought up. Your argument that there have been unduly high profits in the industry is not valid, nor is it a valid reason for the type of action you are taking now. I do admit to all British Columbians and to all people here that this province, as others, must move more strongly into the taxation field because of the world high prices we face now. By comparison, the average profit figure for the British Columbia mining period over the seven-year period from 1967 to 1973 was a return of slightly under 12 per cent, according to figures prepared by a major auditing firm for the British Columbia Mining Association. For only the mining segment of the mineral industry it was 13 per cent. These profit levels, for the risk of the business, are not excessive. Has always led the nation in, and indeed has been innovative in — such as your government has done by inheriting a healthy economy, an economy created with government supervising and collecting through taxation of resources, and creating a healthy economy. Where metal prices drop and result in diminished profit, the people in British Columbia will also receive less from this royalty. There is provision in the bill for the reduction of up to 1 per cent in the basic royalty. If the price goes down below that basic price, the royalty would go down a half of 1 per cent for the first 10 per cent and the second 10 per cent. If the price went down far enough below the basic price, we would only be receiving 4 per cent royalty rather than 5 per cent in future years. When a mining industry like the Canadian Pacific have mineral properties and they want to sublet them to someone else to develop and produce, they charge a royalty; they charge so much for the ore that comes out of the ground. If an individual owns a mine and he is going to make a deal with a company to develop it, one of the first things he talks about is how much he is going to get out of it. Usually there is a royalty, not a share of the profit. I want you to understand that the purpose of the royalties is to bring to the people a share of this non-renewable resource. One thing we must remember, if you are running a business — and I heard some people talking about a popcorn stand some time ago — you’ve got to pay for every ingredient you put into that business. In regard to the mining industry in British Columbia we have said over the years to the operators that they don’t have to pay anything for the product unless they make a profit. April 2004, the Child Care Resource & Referral Program’s mandate was revised to include support, resources and outreach services for parents, in addition to services provided to child care providers.

bingo 1974

He said it reached $1 billion because all of the other countries of the world had had their resources depleted and raped by the miners and now they had to come to British Columbia to get what little bit of resource there was left in the world, and that’s why the industry has gone to $1 billion. Mr. Speaker, that’s a caretaker government right now. If they could see the letters coming in from around this province they wouldn’t get 33 per cent of the vote right now. I’m going to be pointing out, Mr. Speaker, later on in this debate just where the jobs are around this province in the mining industry — the jobs that the Minister didn’t seem to think very much of. I’m hoping against hope that he is concerned with the future of the province and the continuation of this resource for the benefit of the people. I would like to tell him what would happen to Brenda Mines, and the difficulty they are having. I might read excerpts if I could, Mr. Speaker because, indeed, here is a specific case where you could drive the particular mine to the wall. Maybe it is what you intend — to create the closure or the bankruptcy or the financial disadvantage so that indeed you could take it over, if that is your intent. I believe, Mr. Speaker, that what we are trying to find out tonight is whether the Minister is being financially responsible or whether he is intending to take over the industry. Because it is the only mine in my own constituency, I refer to the Brenda mine, and to the report to the shareholders by the president of which I obtained a copy, May 1, 1974. In this report the president goes through the difficulties which this mine has experienced even under former taxation levels and former markets.

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They will discuss the collective aspect of Gordon Matta-Clark’s work, from which it would be possible to think of an urban ethic which considers empty or derelict spaces as a path in the search for freadom. South Korea is expected to attend a preliminary meeting for a U.S.-led group of major microchip manufacturers including Taiwan and Japan, South Korea’s foreign minister said on Thursday. Seoul’s participation in the preliminary meeting for the so-called “Chip 4” group could heighten the stakes for South Korea as it seeks to navigate the contest between the United States and China over semiconductor and micro processing technology. Inc. has recognized uLab Systems, the only orthodontic company ranked in the Health Products industry category, for the explosive growth of 832% from 2018 to 2021, thus assigning a rank within the top 20% of their annual Inc. 5000 list. The Inc. list is the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America and represents a one-of-a-kind look at the most successful companies within the independent business segment. This is Po-Ke-No, a bingo game from US Playing Card Company that mixes poker with keno. It comes as shown, with 12 player boards and a set of marker chips. The caller, if I remember right, uses a deck of cards to call the spaces to cover. This set is from the 1970s, and the boards and chips are in decent condition with some wear from age and normal handling. I have more vintage games available and am always happy to combine for shipping. In 1993, the “Hypnotic Justice” rave attracted more than 2,000 people out to a massive warehouse on Peter Street. In 1908, Mr. Sprunt reads the four-page Toronto Sunday World newspaper on the stoop of his home, located on Kingston Road near Franklin Avenue. The Encore Club was established in 1974 as a Seniors Club. Linda Belanger has been the President for the last few years and oversees the day to day operation. Linda spends numerous hours every day working with the volunteers who keep the Encore Club running. However, membership is declining, times are changing; but the Club was still managing to stay afloat while seeking ways to serve a changing population. SCOTT CHING has been involved with the city and community for many years.

  • This is Po-Ke-No, a bingo game from US Playing Card Company that mixes poker with keno.
  • The exhibition will also present a selection of notebook sketches, drawings, and written statements, which go from proposals to potential sponsors to produce his works to more philosophical meditations on space and time.
  • Motz remained editor until his death in 1899, at which time his son William acquired his father’s interest.
  • I’m not questioning them on this proposition because this is the way of private business — make as much money as you can as fast as you can and forget about it.
  • Mr. Speaker, that’s a caretaker government right now.

The fact is these minerals you talk about can’t be left in the ground even on a no-taxation basis. They are important to the total economy of our country and our province. These ore bodies and these minerals are important to the people of British Columbia. Where there is profit, our province will benefit, through a quasi-royalty tax on profit. Again, we will benefit from our share of the corporate income tax. There is no benefit to the people if there is no development at all, if there is no money generated. And in saving the resource for the people of tomorrow by leaving it in the ground, if they continue the same policy that you have and leave it in the ground, there will never be any benefit from minerals for anybody. That is foolish; and this Minister has said that he would rather leave the minerals in the ground. When a company makes a feasibility study of a mine, they are at the cut-off price. If it’s copper, we will say that 45 cents a pound is the cut-off price they can make a profit on. The only time you may have to leave ore in the ground is if the price of copper comes down around that figure. So we look to British Columbia, and we know how much of this resource has been depleted over the years. We check to see how much revenue the Province of British Columbia has enjoyed from the mining industry. In 1967 and 1968 with a total value of $383 million, the direct revenue to the province — that includes the mining tax — was $4.6 million. We expended during that year by the department to the service of the industry $5.02 million. Born in Vancouver, the suave Cameron Bancroft grew up watching The Beachcombers never thinking that he would one day make his acting debut there. In 1985 he was hired to play three episodes as teenager Graham Blake, which turned into six seasons. He then went south to pursue a career, landing a recurring role on Beverly Hills , and other TV series and movies. His presence back on the set of the Beachcombers is one of gratitude and, with wife and two small children in tow, a way to show his family where it all began – with good clean Canadian fun. “I’m just happy to be back home,” says Cameron, adding that he hopes his role does justice to his mentor Gerussi. May 2004, MCFD requests that the CCS Executive Director participate on a working committee in Victoria to develop a provincial wide web site that would have child care search links to licensed child care programs across the province. The first regional website developed by the ministry for CCRR Programs. The website was linked to the Childhood Connections Society website. In April 2002, the Childhood Connections Society implemented the Early Detection Of Development Delay Initiative in our community. The initiative included training for parent and child care providers on how to detect development delay, as well as the creation of the resource booklet “What should Your Child Be Doing? ” 25,000 booklets were distributed free to the community. Mr. Speaker, God bless him, and I wish him luck because I think that the major return from these resource revenues should be for British Columbians. But I’m going to suggest that what he really should do, and what the federal government really should have done, is to get together and talk before warfare destroys an industry. What we’re concerned about here in British Columbia, Mr. Speaker, and through this Minister, is the maintenance of this important revenue base for employment and for revenue for benefits. The industry then in taking a loss cannot share with its workers, the people who work in the industry, any of the increased benefits. In fact, the extra hands at the bargaining table are those of the federal and provincial governments. “It has been assumed that the super royalty will be computed by reference to the gross sales price. In computing this royalty a basic value of 62 cents per pound has been used, being the approximate average London Metal Exchange price for the five years from 1969 to 1973. Because it clearly shows that if this government goes ahead and if the present government in Ottawa is returned, our resource industry, our mineral industry will be in chaos; it will decline; there will be fewer benefits for the people of British Columbia. We have found through preceding discussion that the value of resources results from the technology developed by the people of the industry. The profits earned by the industry act as the incentive for the development of technology and the discovery of new ore bodies. This opportunity is worth very little to the mining industry or to the economy of B.C. With regard to the incremental royalty, it was claimed that the prevailing copper price of about $1 per pound would result in a combined royalty of 21 cents per pound.

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“A rate of 5 per cent on the net smelter return has been assumed in the rate that is proposed to take effect on January 1, 1975. These are the basic presumptions in computing royalties and taxes for exhibits 1 and 2. Let’s take a look at what Price Waterhouse said, an independently commissioned study to establish the figures on where our resources…and where the position will be. All studies have to be done, Mr. Minister — you’re a great advocate of studies — on some sort of basis. But by your own Minister’s admission, no major study was done in arriving at these figures that he’s introduced as part of the basic royalty. No consideration for the continuation of the industry was done, no major study at all. I believe there should be time to do this and from over the head of the resource industry of this province, the mineral industry, you should remove this threat of immediate implementation of Bill 31. We’ve had letters to Ministers; you’ve probably read them, a very complete analysis of the industry and what your taxation and your royalty taxation will do. The government is a shareholder on behalf of the people only in the profitable mines. The millions and millions that are lost in unfavourable ventures are not borne by the people of British Columbia. Yet, when there are favourable returns, we share as British Columbians and as Canadians. It is important to note that the company is willing to give the prospector that equity share because it costs the company a good deal of money to find prospects which are worth investigating and which offer a good chance for discovery. The owners of the minerals do not even provide the companies with an interest in the property; all they offer is the opportunity to spend money — to go out and look for a situation in which this economic value can be created. Why would the Minister bring in a bill that in other jurisdictions has been discarded? Here we have Manitoba, here we have Ontario — two very important mining provinces in Canada. Ontario has had a more sophisticated mining economy and mining market than British Columbia. Has matured late because they’ve had to establish the technology and the know-how to mine the large, low-grade deposits that we have on what is basically a copper industry. Manitoba, the great NDP province in the middle part of Canada…. Here’s the synopsis of their legislation brought down yesterday. But that government today is moving — as is Ontario; as it is the responsibility of any government in Canada, indeed in the world — to recognize the sudden change in world prices and to increase government revenue. Whether those governments are Conservative or NDP or Liberal, they are all moving in the same direction — some with more responsibility than others in how they are going to derive more government revenue. What is so morally wrong about a government asking for payment for the product that comes out of the ground that they own? The companies say that it is a terrible situation to collect a royalty off the top and they are going to leave ore in the ground, but they don’t say the same thing when they do it to some other company. If we were to find the minerals and have it all ready for production, don’t think that you would get off at 2.5 per cent or 5 per cent royalty. The only reason that you can get off with a small royalty is the fact that you may put up some money in order to develop a mine. The program allows seniors to keep in contact with their peers while promoting physical activity and communication. It offers gentle fitness, game days and bingo programs from January until May. In April 2003, an Early Childhood Development Facilitator was hired to implement the new Central Okanagan Family Resource Program. This program was made possible as a result of funding the Society received from the Early Childhood Development Branch of the Ministry of Children and Family Development. To facilitate the development of this new program a partnership was formed between the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs and Okanagan Families. The purpose of the program was to provide mobile outreach Parent/child drop in services to families with young children in a variety of locations through the Central Okanagan.

At least these half-dozen geezers unquestionably rule each night at the local bingo hall. It is thus a rude shock when it turns out Mario — who’s already been conspicuous in his absence all day — has apparently sold the place to “new management.” Lured by omnipresent flyers, the populace files in that evening to find the rechristened “Mr. Big’$ Bingo” emporium has undergone a glitzy makeover. And Mr. B himself is a sharp-suited, shark-grinning MC who promises outrageous cash prizes. Jean-Claude Lord, born June 6, 1943 in Montreal and died January 15, 2022, is a Quebec director, screenwriter, editor and producer. Before becoming a prominent director, he became known mainly as a television columnist from 1969 to 1972, notably on CFTM-TV’s Bon Dimanche (Télé-métropole). He created his production company Jean-Claude Lord inc. in 1971. His first screenplays dealt with controversial aspects of Quebec society. Bingo questions the political action of young Quebecers and the corruption of the police. Parlez-nous d’amour , based on a script by Michel Tremblay, is a vitriolic critique of populist television. From Terreur à l’hôpital central, Jean-Claude Lord gave mostly standardized productions, except for La Grenouille et la Baleine , one of producer Rock Demers’ Contes pour tous. On November 1, 2017, he received the Guy-Mauffette Award, one of the 14 Quebec Awards.

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No refund is available on an item that is returned to me damaged. The Guess Who games are brand new games which I customize by adding your photos. The games will come with all the game pieces and instruction pages. Star Sellers have an outstanding track record for providing a great customer experience – they consistently earned 5-star reviews, dispatched orders on time, and replied quickly to any messages they received. Stories are told and histories explored through rare and unique items – including art, manuscripts, sculpture, books and artifacts – curated from over four million pieces collected by the library since 1884. This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread.

  • Now, as the Rotarians prepare to call their last numbers, both Clemons and Skeavington plan to support the charitable game one final time.
  • We will start out with British Columbia which has proven reserves of 3.2 billion tons averaging .44 per cent copper — the lowest in the world, Mr. Minister, as you know.
  • Seniors Without Walls is a telephone-based recreation program in which seniors participate from the comfort of their homes.
  • He didn’t even know the difference in his own bill between gross value and net value.
  • Nobody can fault the producers and writers for creating a sweet, sentimental, family-oriented, memory-twigging story about the next generation of townsfolk carrying out the legacy of their elders.

This major expenditure of a mine, if it hadn’t been financed by a large backing of Noranda, it would have had to close or go bankrupt in 1972. Mr. Speaker, this Minister did not present any background of definitive material or statistics or figures on a meaningful basis which would show that this industry and this province could benefit from the proposals he presented to this House. The only statements we got were the rhetoric and the oft-repeated slogans that we have been ripped off by the giant corporations. I believe that we should delay this bill for six months. Member for Boundary Similkameen (Mr. Richter), that the motion should be amended by deleting the word “now” and substituting therefore the words “six months hence”. Mr. Minister, I would like you to take a look at your taxes again and contrast them to what Manitoba has done. Again, they have talked about a move from 15 per cent to 23 per cent on profits. And if you’re a socialist, and if you want the government to own and operate the mines, then say so. But don’t start out to depress the market just to get a kick. What truly are the motives of this Minister and this government? I have to go to reports and questions that are raised in the press by other people. I refer to a letter to the Sun of Martin Kiernans, because it is the government’s intention to depress the industry to take it over. Perhaps you noticed in the paper that inverted pyramid of the population increase. When a mine gets down to the cut-off price, and rather than close them down, let the government buy up the ore.

The ministry implements a new CCRR Program Standards Manual as part of the Contract Service Agreement with the ministry. Like many others, the Encore Club has taken a very significant financial hit with no revenue coming in. The Club was not eligible for any government assistance because it has no employees, only volunteers. The Club relied on memberships, yard sales, rental income, the canteen sales, and special event bookings to keep going. There was no income from most of the aforementioned. Currently, for various reasons, the Club has very little rental income and is seeking to get the office spaces filled again. The canteen is open daily from 9-1 with a regular menu, all day breakfasts and a Daily Special; Take Out orders are available, or in-house dining can be enjoyed in the Friendship Lounge. This is run solely from donations to the Club from the community, which is the mainstream of the Club’s income. As a means of raising funds to support the needy of the parishes and the city, Council 6595 began holding Bingo games in the basement of St. Ann’s Catholic Church. As television became more popular the council decided to host weekly bingo games on the local TV station. Thus the beginning of today’s Bingo on Rogers TV each Thursday evening. Now, this has added a further dimension of uncertainly to an already faltering industry. I’ll quote further where the industry, the exploration and the interest in investment is declining, when in all other jurisdictions, social and responsibility, investment is increasing and so are revenues to people because their governments are meeting this situation with responsibility. Higher tax rates discourage resource production and reduce the amount of tax which the government is able to collect from the industry both in the short and in the long run. On the other hand, a tax rate which is too low will permit lots of mining activity which may well reduce the total taxes which the government is able to collect. Your party has said that minerals are a one-shot resource so it is essential that the government act now to obtain its share of the revenue. We have already seen that the supply of mineral resources is not non-renewable. It can be extended indefinitely so long as the incentive is provided to develop the technology to turn minerals into economic resources. We have certain products which we sell and there are certain products we have to buy.

bingo 1974

Mr. Minister, I’d be glad to vote on the motion right now if everybody would guarantee they would vote on the motion right now. But I believe there is a great deal of talking yet to be done before we get off this motion. One of the things that the Minister didn’t do in order to convince us that this bill ought to be read today, this week, this month, he didn’t give us very good revenue figures. He didn’t even know the difference in his own bill between gross value and net value. And he implied to us that some time he might explain that to us. But, his bill tells us what gross and net value is, and yet he says that what the bill says is not what he means. The Minister doesn’t know what he is talking about, Mr. Speaker. The industry went to $1 billion last year in British Columbia because of raised prices and because over the last generation in this province, there has been created the most skilful and dedicated group of mine finders and mine employees anywhere in the world. Member for West Vancouver–Howe Sound (Mr. L.A. Williams), some very wise words — words for the protection of the position of British Columbia in resource taxation. It is tremendously important and I’m glad that the Minister quoted that in his speech. They’ve done exactly the thing that they’re asking us to debate on in this House right now, as I mentioned in the Minister’s estimates. Half of the mining land in this province is already covered, and that’s a disgrace and it’s contempt of this House to promulgate that order-in-council before this debate took place. Your responsibility, Mr. Minister, is to maintain the industry so that we can get revenue for the people. I would expect you to tax it to the limit that you can, which would continue the industry, but these studies and all correspondence that I have show that your proposals are unworkable and in fact will destroy the industry in British Columbia. “Graph 2 depicts the unrealistic low-grade mine and shows that a royalty based on revenue alone fails to place any weight on production costs and ore grade which directly affects the cash flow and hence the life of the mine.” I wonder if the Minister has had consultation with that government and the officials of those departments when they were both making proposals related to the same resources. I wonder, Mr. Speaker, if he had consultation with Ontario, who signalled very clearly that they had this study going and were bringing down new proposals, or whether, as he suggests, he just blew right in because he knew what was needed.

I recall seeing that tower from the VE3RPT repeater site, on the Skyloft ski hill. I also did some work at that gravel pit, setting up VoIP phones, a couple of years ago. Original Encore Club member Jackie Trudeau has some fun playing Bingo at the club. In 2017, Jean-Claude Lord received the Guy Maffet Prize for his entire life, one of the most prestigious gifts given by the Quebec government in the field of culture. Following that, Jean-Claude Lord directed Job Bowlinger’s showpiece scenario Parles-Nous d’Amor and socio-political thriller Panic before filming some productions. At the time, he was one of the first Quebec filmmakers to play in genres such as horror and science fiction. “His social commitment was at the center of his work, he wanted to disturb, move, inspire and tell stories in his own way. He defined himself not as an artist, but as a” communicator “who wanted to question the values ​​of the community in which we live. Filmmaker Jean-Claude Lord, especially the master craftsman of the “Lance at Compton” series, died Saturday evening at the age of 78 following a stroke. Due to covid, A Celebration of Rena’s Life will take place July 18, 2021 at Anglin Lake and Christopher Lake where people can share stories of Rena. Sean’s involvement with EHS goes so far back that we don’t even have a record of all his volunteer hours anymore, but it’s safe to say that he donated at least an average of 500 hours each year and was a daily fixture at the shelter. He was willing to help in any way he could and jumped at every new opportunity. We look forward to continuing to support the needy in our community for years to come either through financial assistance or by providing decent housing. Having been made aware of the success of Seniors Apartment Complexes sponsored by the Knights of Columbus on the West Coast of Canada, Fr. Eugene O’Leary Council 6595 began the process to investigate the possibility of constructing a like facility in East Saint John. Discover books, magazines, podcasts, and blogs that celebrate toy history, pop culture, and collecting. The book concludes with a chapter called “The Great Witch Hunt” that focuses on toy safety. Kaye traces the advent of the Child Protection and Toy Safety Act of 1969, the ripple effect it had on the toy industry as a whole, and his reflections on the “journalistic witch hunt” that ensued. We strive to achieve the highest ethical standards in all that we do. Our newsroom abides by the RTNDA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and follows the Canadian Press Stylebook. She loved knitting, watching movies, visiting, bingo, baseball, dancing, music, reading, crosswords, and curling. Charlotte was a mother by nature, loved children, family, and had a survivor’s spirit. Sarnia’s gamble on e-bingo has paid off for about 100 local charities. But I have to disagree with some of the other things that the Minister says. Then he gave us some readings from “Mineral Policy Objectives for Canada” — that’s another bit of his Liberalism surfacing again. I could hardly believe my ears, Mr. Speaker, when the Premier and House Leader stood up and moved second reading of Bill 31, because I’ve been hoping against hope that in the intervening time…. This goes on to show that mines of this nature cannot continue under this royalty imposition and will not be brought in in the future. Inflation, devaluation of North American currency and non-recurring inventory gain due to the rise in prices throughout the year gave 1973 earnings an artificial boost. The failure to recognize the impact of inflation on the cost of replacing plant and equipment will distort the economic meaning of the reported earnings. Brenda’s net earning of $15.5 million in 1973 was the result of strong demand and higher middle prices. This compares with a net loss of $1.5 million in 1972 when prices were badly depressed. We noticed how inaccurate the Minister of Labour was yesterday running for a fly in the softball game — he even ran into one of his own players, Mr. Speaker.

Our living standards today depend to a great extent on the use of the minerals, and since these minerals are limited, we must place a great deal of importance on them with the idea that we and future generations may continue to enjoy the benefits derived from their use. I’ve got a good indication of a mine right up near my area. Placid Ore — it has been in operation three years; they get a three-year tax-free period from the federal government…. The minerals are not lost; they are like money in the bank. Thank God they are not that easily found because if they were, they would have cleaned it up years ago. Bill 147 introduced, read a first time and ordered to be placed on orders of the day for second reading at the next sitting of the House after today. After more than a decade of absence from our cultural and television landscape, the iconic Beachcombers is making a comeback. The producers are hoping the on-set touchy/feely vibe, along with the show’s Canadian folklore status will translate into a unanimous audience and network demand for a fresh series. “We’ve only had a couple people participate and with the way things are going with the new restrictions right now, it might be a good time for seniors to register,” said Kriwez. The program got off to a slow start with a small number of participants when it was launched last year. In 2018, CCS began its journey to rebrand from Kelowna Child Care Society to Childhood Connections – Okanagan Family & Childcare Society (official new name came to be in Nov. 2018). The rebranding also saw the Society get a new logo, and become connected to Social media with a presence on Facebook and Instagram, and work began on a new website. This new method of engagement saw the Society reaching more families and the user-ship of the library increased significantly. In the fall of 2003, the Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women’s Services contracted with the Childhood Connections Society to print and distribute 22,000 copies of the resource booklet “What Should Your Child Be Doing” to 45 CCRR Programs across the province. In the summer of 1997, the Kelowna Young Parents Program acquired a new day care facility at Kelowna Senior Secondary and expanded to 24 infant and toddler spaces. In 1994, the name of the Teen & Infant Day Care was changed to the Kelowna Young Parents Program. Also the same year, the Ministry of Women’s Equality used a community development process to expand the Child Care Support Programs to a total of 34 in the province. And while attendance has never fully rebounded, and they don’t expect it ever to approach peak business again, Sobil and Kondyjowski both believe bingo is a better bet for those who want to play the wagering game. “We are honored to provide this Book of Memories to the family.” Control of Manitoba lotteries is brought under one roof. The Lotteries and Gaming Control Act replaces The Manitoba Lotteries Act, leading to the establishment of the Manitoba Lotteries Gaming Control Commission and the Manitoba Lotteries and Gaming Licensing Board.

He helped Russ set up the Polar Chilly Open all those years ago. When he heard we are losing the Battalion revenue he thought that he could help us. Delta Bingo does now and they are bringing in Electric Bingo Will not need the manpower, only 2 members per session, but still needs, Clubs, Groups, Charities, to run them. This is a heartbreaking loss for EHS and our greater community, and he will be sincerely missed by all of us. Our hearts go out to his family during this extremely difficult time. First published in 1974, A Toy is Born is still an enjoyable read for anyone interested in a “behind the scenes” look at the origins of some classic toys and games. All 31 gaming centres across 26 Ontario municipalities have raised $225 million for more than 1,900 charities to date, said Rick Gray, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s vice-president of charitable gaming. But basically, you must identify your remarks with the advisability of, at this stage, changing the time at which the bill will be considered. You’re not really doing that, and it’s not enough to argue the main motion. All of those depleted resources he sees in other parts of the world. Let’s just talk about copper, which is half of our product.

We lost the development and that economic base for almost 10 years. It wasn’t a matter of backing out; it was a matter of government recognizing its responsibilities in its attempt to get revenue — in recognizing that they also have a responsibility for continuing the healthy economic development of that resource base for the benefit of the people. “He contrasted Canadian average tax rates which, according to Statistics Canada in 1969, were 12 per cent of the book profits of mining companies and 34 to 43 per cent for all other industrial sectors to foreign taxation practices. “Our mining industry is clearly a tax-favored industry. The profits tax treatment for mining abroad is very uncertain and subject to drastic change, and almost certainly is never more generous than in Canada.” If the federal government is cut off from all revenue on taxation by the implementation of resources — I’ll come to that later — then, of course, they are going to have to seek further ways to tax our people. When we believe in Confederation we believe in some sharing of taxation. I believe that we should have some cooperation rather than conflict between the senior government and the provincial government. I would like to take a look at and compare this province and its history with the other provinces. I take Manitoba, where we have had an NDP government for some time. Up until just yesterday their revenue on resources was based on profits. They must maintain the continuation of this industry.

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The Kelowna Family Day Care Society received a contract to provide consulting services; sending the Society’s Executive Director around the Province for a year consulting with Ministry Area Managers and Day Care Societies. At incorporation, the Society was named “The Kelowna Family Day Care Society”. This reflected the focus of the time; small home-based day care settings giving care to children of working parents. Jukeboxes were more popular in Germany than almost any country in the world at this time and profits were high. Like so many other slot machine companies this income from a single source gave NSM the means to expand and grow and take a few chances without too much risk. BEIJING -China must take more effective measures to speed up the pace of recovery in domestic consumption including spending on services and big-ticket items, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua said on Wednesday, as the already soft economy showed more signs of weakening. At a meeting aiming to stabilise trade and consumption, Hu also called for greater efforts to support exporters to gain orders as well as to attract new foreign investment, according to state media. At the same time, signs of consumer inflation pressures – long benign in China – are starting to emerge. In her childhood years Rena loved playing and exploring outside, collecting rocks, riding horses, watching chuck wagon races, listening and dancing to music. Rena had two beautiful children, Terence born in April of 1972 and Kerri-Lynn born in July of 1974, whom she loved with all of her heart. When back in Prince Albert, Rena found joy in volunteering at various local charities. Rena loved spending time with her grandchildren and great grandchildren and cherished the many years she lived with them, watching them grow. Prior to losing her memory, Rena loved baking bread, playing bingo, visiting and playing cards with friends. As her memory faded, Rena found pleasure and joy sitting outside in the sun with her coffee and cigarette, watching, teasing and playing with her puppies. She would spend hours outside listening to the birds, collecting rocks, tapping her toes to the beat of music and laughing as she played with her dogs. Was giving this House, Mr. Speaker, was using a net value to calculate the incremental royalties when the bill says that the gross value shall be used. He wanted a greater return to the citizens of British Columbia. I can only imagine that is because I read a marvellous history of the Minister in the newspaper the other night. I think maybe he has maintained some of those sound principles over the years and he wants to do the right thing and get a greater return for the people of British Columbia. There will be no benefit for this government, for the people, or for Canada, which also British Columbia is a part of. Because of your proposals, coupled with the federal proposals, I move this motion tonight and I strongly urge its a that this bill be hoisted for six months. Even without the federal proposals we have certain mining ventures in B.C. When you talk about the average, it is easy but there are always specific proposals that would have a hardship worked on them with just the basic proposals of the Minister. In fact, they would have a difficult time even under realistic taxation levels.

He noted when he took over there were a number of bingo halls in Oshawa. “You got to remember where it is now, it was cow fields. When people from Oshawa drove up to the Red Barn, they were going into the country,” Kondyjowski says. Famed Nashville acts of the time such as Johnny Cash, Minnie Pearl, and Marty Robbins were some of those who performed at the iconic venue, and people from all over, but especially Oshawa, flocked to the Red Barn. Frank Sobil, president of the Red Barn Charities Association, says the amount of money charities receive depends on the number of sessions a they host in a month. For the past half-century, customers of the charity bingo hall have been enthusiastically yelling out “BINGO”, and proudly collecting their winnings. Every day, hundreds of people sit down with their dabbers in hand, with hopes of winning it big at Oshawa’s Red Barn Auditorium. Provide comfort for the family by planting a tree in memory of Elizabeth Whitten, please visit our Heartfelt Sympathies Store. Amendments to the Criminal Code give provinces authority to operate lotteries and casinos, and to license charitable and religious organizations to conduct lotteries.

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We are stewards of the resources that belong to the people of British Columbia. We spent more in servicing the industry than we received in direct revenue from the industry. This was that picture of that ad that was in the paper. And if this keeps up, eventually with automation he would be a vanishing breed. The New Beachcombers is, as the series that informs it, an eccentric, whimsical homegrown little TV property. It holds up, and because TV has grown up a bit since the series’ demise, it looks a lot better. Whether sentiment alone is enough to capture the imagination of a fresh audience for a new series remains to be seen. The presence of Cameron Bancroft, with lots more acting chops in him than this movie allows , and Deanna Milligan , who sprinkles all her TV projects with a certain irrepressible dusting of magic, can only add to the chances for more New Beachcombers outings. Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. Comments may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. We have enabled email notifications—you will now receive an email if you receive a reply to your comment, there is an update to a comment thread you follow or if a user you follow comments. Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. In January 2003, the Society hired Acromedia to begin the work of developing a comprehensive web based child care referral service as part of the Societies current web site. The new web service would allow parents to do child care referrals and access information about child care on line. The child care data based included a listing of all licensed child care providers included in our service area. In May of 1992, the Ministry responsibility for Family Day Care Support Programs transferred from the Ministry of Social Services and Housing to the Ministry of Women’s Equality . Under MWE the program name was changed to Child Care Support Program to better reflect all child care options. Again reflecting the change to a broader range of services. The early history was a continuous struggle for funding by a dedicated group of volunteers. Throughout the 1970’s, temporary grants, applications and rejections for funds were common. By late 1976, services included assessing caregivers in their homes, placing children and making support visits. In 1974, the Provincial Ministry of Human Resources approved funding so that a “first coordinator of family day care” could be hired. The Manitoba Lotteries Commission is created to manage government lotteries. The Manitoba Lotteries Licensing Board licenses religious and charitable organizations to operate lotteries offering prizes above $3,000, including raffles, charitable casinos and bingo events. Municipalities license schemes offering prizes below $3,000 – a practice that continues today. An aging listenership, online gambling and competition from NCI radio’s Saturday morning bingo — an institution in its own right — have eaten away at the profitability of the Flin Flon-based game. Plans for a high-wage, high-growth economy lie in ruins as Britain’s Conservative prime minister struggles to answer a cost-of-living crisis, compounded by rising worker unrest. It is December 1973 and the finance minister has privately warned the cabinet of Edward Heath that the country faces its gravest economic crisis since World War Two, according to classified records that are now publicly available. The papers shed light on the debate at the heart of government during a crisis that bears similarities to that facing current Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet.

bingo 1974

So you ask – what exactly happens at the Encore Club? Well due to Covid, some of the regular activities have not started up again, but will as soon as some restrictions are lifted. Anyone who is interested in any of the activities is urged to contact the Club. Activities such as Bingo, Shuffleboard, Floor Shuffleboard, Pool, Cards , and Line Dancing. The Club is open to starting any new activity if enough interest is shown. Karaoke is also popular and is held every Saturday night from 7-10 in The Rainbow Room. Special Event (take out or dine-in) dinners are held for such occasions as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc. and are very reasonably priced. Yard Sales held every Thursday and on the first and third Saturday of each month . Chair yoga classes held Monday and Wednesday mornings. The Encore Club was originally geared to provide entertainment and a place for seniors to frequent. Over the years there has been a shift in the demographics. It has evolved into not only a senior centre, but an adult centre, where people of all ages congregate. Memberships are available to anyone 40 years of age or older. Membership is not required to participate in the activities, nor is it necessary to be 40 years old, although the membership fee of $35.00 per year is encouraged. During his 190-page journey, author Marvin Kaye delves into the personalities and circumstances that led to the invention and early marketing of a variety of well-known playthings, including Bingo, Yahtzee, Monopoly, Twister, Scrabble, Lionel trains, and Matchbox die-cast cars. Kaye’s work and the industry knowledge he gleaned as a senior editor at Toys, an industry trade publication, is evident throughout the book. Many of his anecdotes are embellished with snippets of dialogue from inventors and various toy industry insiders. Now 40 years since its first publication, reading the book and Kaye’s insights has the feel of opening a time capsule. A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today. “There was a time where we thought the industry would be totally extinguished,” said Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley, who accepted a symbolic $5-million cheque Friday from Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey addressed to the Citizens of Sarnia. On Friday, provincial lottery officials and volunteers with dozens of local charities celebrated the $5 million raised over more than three years at Jackpot City. That kind of extensive remark must perforce apply as well to the question of whether the bill should be hoisted for six months. In other words, if it’s a bill with very questionable policy proposals in it, then that bill has to be studied. I’m making the case that the policy proposals are very questionable. Without really wishing to argue that further, it does seem to me that a motion to put off the reading of the bill by six months amounts to a motion to say that this bill has such grave defects that it requires further consideration.

  • “I’d have to say the majority of the North is what supports our bingo,” says David McLeod, CEO of NCI, which reaches virtually all of the province.
  • The new name on the Moscow shop was still under cover of plastic on Wednesday evening as Timati and co-owner, restaurateur Anton Pinskiy, prepared to unveil the first new store later on Thursday.
  • Once it is recognized that man creates the economic value which turns the minerals into resources, it can no longer be meaningfully argued that value belongs only to those who own the mineral but to those who not only seek it out but who develop the use and who develop the technology for use.
  • In the summer of 1997, the Kelowna Young Parents Program acquired a new day care facility at Kelowna Senior Secondary and expanded to 24 infant and toddler spaces.

We are a bingo, food, and raffle ticket supplier for Thunder Bay, North Western Ontario, and coast to coast in Canada. Slush puppies, Ricos Nachos, Roll tickets, Bingo Cards, Ink Dabbers, Ball tickets, Popcorn and so much more. Jonathon Naylor is editor of The Reminder newspaper in Flin Flon. Clemons often plays the NCI bingo before switching stations for the Rotary edition. Unfortunately for the Rotarians, their jackpot — currently at $2,500 — lacks the drawing power over at NCI, whose top prize now stands at $276,000. Bingo first hit Flin Flon radio airwaves in 1972, when CFAR became the only station outside Winnipeg to pick up the Royal Winnipeg Ballet radio bingo. Long before the days of cost-cutting, Rotary Radio Bingo launched in 1974 when the Rotarians borrowed the model from two previous organizing groups. Wayne Fraser, longtime chairman of the bingo, says the decision was regrettable but inevitable. Her ink dauber ready to go, she listens as the nearby radio switches from a news announcer’s baritone voice to the familiar rumble of plastic balls. In addition to the issuance of “P” prefix plates, the province also started to issue what are generally referred to as “Bingo” or “Waffle” plates that allowed for the display of registration decals from those jurisdictions that a truck and trailer were licenced to travel through. NSM and their distribution company moved to Bingen in 1956 and merged in 1984. In 1990 Gerhard Schulze split the company taking control of the distribution under the name Lowen Automation and floating NSM as a non-listed stock company. This was perhaps a financial move for by 1999 Schulze had incorporated NSM into Lowen as a separate division. The two were fully merged in 2003 after being bought by the ABN AMRO investment group and named NSM-Lowern Entertainment. The company was thriving and the number two slot machine producer in Germany. Almost at once, the company was sold to Novomatic thus becoming part of one of the largest slot machine companies in the world. Doppel AS” in 1980 which you needed a degree in mathematics to understand!! A more electronic version is still in production today. As far as slot machines were concerned they had hit on a unique design with the Rotomint which continued, under many styles but the same basic design, for the next 50 years and has to be the longest-running slot model in history. NSM made literally dozens of slot machines during this 50 year period but close examination shows there are really only about five different types. Add your Postcode and click calculate to obtain shipping prices. For more control of your online game, create a clone of this card first. Videocassettes and film reels of Bingo, some from the Programs series distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix, can be found in Files 21 and 24 of Series 6 (CP001.S6.D21; CP001.S6.D24) of the Gordon Matta-Clark Collection. Returns must be set up within ONE WEEK of your receiving your item. I cannot refund after this time frame, so be sure to check your packages promptly and convo immediately about any problems. We take intellectual property concerns very seriously, but many of these problems can be resolved directly by the parties involved.

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